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In fact, we have thousands of great products in all product categories. Whether you are looking for high-end labels or cheap, economical bulk purchases, we guarantee that it can be found on Melikey. If you want to buy toddler tableware, Melikey can ensure that you are always proud of having a wise choice. Wholesale baby tableware focus on the baby’s healthy growth.


We provide High-Quality Baby Tableware, including wholesale baby bib,wholesale baby feeding bowl,wholesale baby plate spoon, wholesale kids plate uye wholesale baby drinking cup,etc. So we also sell the perfect baby feeding set. Our baby dining set have a lot of cute designs, which must be suitable for your baby. The material of our baby cutlery wholesale is very safe, mainly divided into wooden and silicone. Natural wood and food grade silicone allow babies to grow up in a healthy diet. Baby silicone plates and bowls set are very popular in the market. Baby suction bowls and silicone baby plates can match our other more baby china sets. These are essential for the baby’s self feeding during dinner time, also solved mam’s troubles. Let the baby’s meal full of fun !


Our best baby dinnerware sets come in a variety of colors, including boy and girl color.According to real customers’ evaluation of our service, price and quality, they are very satisfied. Our newborn baby tableware for sale have great prices. Contact us for baby tableware wholesale price list.


We are not only a baby tableware supplier but also a baby tableware manufacturer. We can accept OEM and ODM. We provide personalized custom baby tableware, logo can be curved on the baby dinner set silicone and wooden dinner set wholesale. We also design exquisite products and packaging for customers. If you are interested in our China baby dinnerware, please contact us. Melikey’s business, design, production, assembly, and quality inspection departments will wholeheartedly provide you with the best service. Among wholesale tableware suppliers, Melikey will not let you down.


Best baby dinner set, concise and easy design style, lovely and sweet color,Let the baby eat more colorful and interesting. Baby dinnerware gift sets can be given away to all newborns.

1. Waterproof silicone baby dinnerware are easy to wipe and clean

2. Silicone baby cutlery are Soft, Flexible And Easy To Fold

3. Silicone baby tableware are high temerature resistant

5. Food grade baby silicone tableware, non-toxic and safe