Tacair Bheathú Leanbh

Tacair Bheathú Leanbh

When your baby graduates from liquid to solid, it doesn't seem like there are enough bowls to move around.

The Melikey Baby Feeding Set is the perfect set to get your baby started on solid food. The toddler dining set includes a silicone bowl, silicone dinner plate, silicone fork and spoon, silicone baby cup and silicone baby bib. Products are made from BPA and phthalate free materials. Choose from rainbow, dinosaur, elephant and more feeding childrens dinnerware sets, or freely choose from all our best baby dinnerware

Tacair Bheathú Leanbh

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Best Baby Feeding Sets Manufacturer Wholesale In China

Baby tableware will come in handy when you first introduce your little one to solid food. They are also very helpful in helping babies develop self-feeding skills and other fine motor skills. Baby feeding kit is usually made of food-grade materials that are safe for babies, designed to reduce mess and spillage during the baby's meal time.

  In 2016, we established our own factory in Huizhou, China to produce high-quality baby dining set. We wholesale and export baby tableware to countries all over the world, with low prices, complete supply chains and fast transportation. With continuous investment in production facilities and technology, we have now developed into a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of infant feeding set in China.

  We have more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing silicone toddler tableware set molds and producing silicone silicone weaning sets. Melikey produces various styles of baby feeding gift set, including silicone baby feeding set, baby bibs, baby bowls, baby plates, baby cups, etc.

  With more than 6 years of experience in the field of baby first eating set, we have a better understanding of baby weaning dinner set, the processing of silicone baby utensils and the trade rules between countries. Therefore, we are your best silicone wholesale manufacturer of infant feeding set in China. Today, we are very honored to be able to cooperate with customers all over the world.

Melikey Silicone Products: Your Best Baby Feeding Set Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Melikey Silicone has 10 years of production and R&D experience in the silicone baby feeding set industry.

Our goal is to focus on the production and research and development of new childrens crockery sets. To provide customers with the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, most convenient and most fashionable silicone dinnerware set in the world.

Today, we have formed a complete R&D team integrating production and sales.

We mainly focus on OEM/ODM of baby toddler feeding supplies, baby toys silicone products, household silicone products. We have our own mold room, open molds by ourselves, produce by ourselves, and provide one-stop service

Silicone Baby Bowl Wholesale & Custom

The baby bowl is equipped with our improved suction base. It is the perfect silicone baby bowl and spoon set suitable for babies who have just started to eat their first bite. The bottom of these powerful suction cups will stick to all completely flat surfaces to ensure a completely non-spill eating experience! Our baby spoons and bowls are completely BPA-free, completely free of lead and phthalates! Dishwashing is possible Machine cleaning, can be used in the microwave oven. aby feeding spoons help you to introduce babies to self-feeding by giving them utensils that can be chewed on before transitioning to silverware.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Silicone Baby Plate Wholesale & Custom

We only use the highest quality materials. Unlike other children's dinner plates that may contain PVC and other suspicious chemicals, our toddler feeding sets are made of 100% food-grade silicone-free of bisphenol A, polyvinyl chloride, phthalates and lead to ensure that the baby Security.
Is féidir é a úsáid i miasniteoirí, micreathonnta agus oighinn, agus é a aistriú go héasca ó chuisneoir nó reoiteoir go oigheann nó micreathonn.
Is féidir ár gcupáin shúchán a shocrú go sábháilte ar aon dromchla réidh, lena n-áirítear tráidirí cathaoireacha arda. Fágann sé sin gur táirge iontach é do thuismitheoirí a chuireann oiliúint ar a gcuid leanaí le hithe go neamhspleách.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Silicone Baby cup Wholesale & Custom

These snack cups for toddlers have a firm opening that allows your little one to grab one piece of food at a time. This prevents biscuits, fruits and vegetables from overflowing. Made of food-grade silicone, soft and light. Comes with a dust cover that fits tightly to the bowl, so it won't get into the baby's food and contaminate dirt and other annoying things. When not in use, the cup can be folded to save space in the diaper bag or glove compartment. The leak-proof snack cup for toddlers can be washed in the dishwasher and is easy to wash by hand. Just put them in the washing machine or sink for cleaning.  We also have silicone open cup for baby to drink. This silicone baby cup has a seamless design and is easy to clean and dry. 

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Silicone Baby bib Wholesale & Custom

Tá na bíobáin leanaí áisiúla agus sábháilte seo deartha againn de réir dearadh bíobaí leanbh
Molann go leor máithreacha eispéireas sona beathaithe a chruthú dá gcuid leanaí. Bain úsáid as ár sraith spraoi bib silicone chun go mbraitheann do leanbh compordach agus glan. Ní dhoirteofar ar an urlár é. gan bholadh.
Déanta as ábhar silicone ardcháilíochta agus buan, is féidir leat an difríocht a insint chomh fada agus a bhraitheann tú é
Is féidir é a ghlanadh go héasca trí sruthlú faoi uisce reatha agus é a ghlanadh go glan. Is féidir é a ghlanadh i miasniteoir, ag sábháil uisce agus ama.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Silicone Baby Feeding Set Wholesale & Custom

Children 18 months and older have gradually become independent diners, and they will like to have their own dining environment. These 7-piece cutlery sets provide an interesting way to eat and can be used in large quantities. Buy these products and other essentials for baby complete feeding set now. Then, use your new baby tableware set by making some delicious, kid-friendly meals! Exquisite gift box packaging, as the best choice for newborn gifts.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Silicone Baby Dinerware Set Wholesale & Custom

Silicone Baby Plate Feeding Kit – Our baby first eating set is made of bisphenol A-free silicone, food-grade material, and tasteless, giving you complete peace of mind.
Super multi-functional baby feeding set: baby suction weaning set, stronger absorption of worry-free feeding
do leanaí,
Satisfy all baby needs: Our baby feeding gift set includes silicone bibs, baby feeding set bowl, suction cups, silicone spoons and silicone water cups, which can be carried with you for outdoor dining or as a baby's birth gift.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Couldn’t find what you looking for?

Generally, there are stocks of common baby feeding sets or raw materials in our warehouse. But if you have special demand, we also provide customization service. We also accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on the baby tableware bodies and color boxes.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é

Introducing the ultimate solution for parents looking for the best options for safe and fun mealtime experiences for your little ones - the baby feeding set! This set of non-toxic baby feeding utensils is a must-have for every family.

Melikey baby dinnerware set is designed to make mealtime enjoyable for both the parents and the baby. The set features a variety of baby utensils set that are made from only the highest quality, non-toxic materials. The baby silicone tableware set contains small bowls and plates that allow for perfect portions of food for your baby. The set is beautifully designed in a range of colors that can easily be mixed and matched to your preference.

With our baby first feeding set, you can be sure that your baby will have a healthy and safe mealtime experience. Our silicone baby tableware has been designed to be soft, yet durable and perfect for baby's developing teeth. Our baby silicone feeding set is also non-toxic and free from any harmful substances or chemicals - this ensures that your baby is protected and healthy from start to finish.

The best baby dinner set is one that is designed to make mealtime fun for your baby, as well as easy for you. Our baby dinnerware set features a range of utensils that are perfect for every stage of your baby's development - from their first bites to learning how to use a spoon and fork. The baby feeding set is an investment in your baby's health and wellbeing, and you can be sure that it will last for years to come.

Melikey baby feeding set features a variety of non-toxic baby feeding utensils that are perfect for your little ones. With the best baby dinner set, you can be sure that your baby will have a safe and enjoyable mealtime experience. This baby utensils set is made from high-quality materials that ensure your baby's safety and health. Order our baby silicone tableware set today and give your baby the best start to their mealtime journey.

Features of Baby Feeding Set

SELF-FEEDING - Our silicone baby feeding set is perfect for babies learning to feed themselves. The size of the sucker is perfect for toddlers. The powerful suction base ensures the dishes stay in place - even for the most aggressive toddlers. Perfect for use on a high chair tray or table. The straight side allows the kids to swoosh into the plate with less mess.

SAFE TO USE - Silicone does not contain any petroleum-based plastics or toxic chemicals found in plastics. Our grips are made of 100% food-safe silicone, BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead free.

CONVENIENT - Silicone can withstand low and high temperatures and is easily transferred from the refrigerator or freezer to the oven or microwave. Oven safe up to 400 degrees. Top rack dishwasher safe.

tacar earraí dinnéar do leanaí

Custom Wholesale Silicone Baby Feeding Set

We have a professional R & D team. We can accept O E M and O D M.  Our team has full experience in customized projects, including colors, packages, logos etc. This custom logo is divided into silk screen logo and laser logo. The craftsmanship and effect are different, and they all have different MOQs. We have our own customized machines, mass production, to escort you to develop your brand.

MOQ 500 pieces

Customize Logo, Color, Size and Packaging

Certificates: FDA,CE, BPA FREE, EN71,CPC......

Why Choose Us As Your Baby Feeding Sets Supplier In China

Mórdhíoltóir Aon-stad

Soláthraíonn Melikey earraí boird mórdhíola silicone le feidhmeanna éagsúla, ó bibs leanbh, babhlaí leanbh, plátaí leanbh go cupáin leanbh, etc. Ciallaíonn sé seo gur féidir leat na hearraí dinnéar go léir a theastaíonn uait a fháil anseo.

Monaróir barr

Déanann Milleck dearadh agus táirgeadh de réir riachtanais na gcustaiméirí, agus soláthraíonn sé seirbhísí saincheaptha OEM / ODM.

Teastas Cuimsitheach

Tá ár gcuid táirgí tar éis cigireachtaí FDA, SGS, COC agus cáilíochtaí eile a rith, agus soláthraíonn siad teastais níos gairmiúla do chustaiméirí ar fud an domhain.

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, and design of Baby Feeding Sets, and served more than 210 customers worldwide.

Competitive Price

We have an absolute advantage in the cost of raw materials. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

Fast Delivery time

We have the best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air express, sea, and even door to door service.

Quality and Excellence

At Melikey, we offer quality assurance to give you peace of mind knowing all about the raw materials, procedures and safety standards used to manufacture baby food set under your brand. All toddler feeding sets produced by our unit undergo rigorous quality checks at all stages of production. These include raw material inspection, quality supervision, processing supervision, internal process audits and an ISO 9001:2015 certification system.

By offering BPA-free silicone baby feeding set wholesale, Melikey ensures a range of toddler tableware sets that are completely safe for babies and free of harmful chemicals. Our toddler dinnerware sets are tested by various international safety standards, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Quality and Excellence
Quality and Excellence-

Ár nDeimhnithe

As a professional manufacturer for silicone weaning set, our factory have passed latest ISO9001:2015, CE, SGS, FDA certificates.


Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Feeding Sets

What are baby bowls and plates?

The best baby plates and bowls can make meals easier for your baby and reduce the mess involved. Many parents' favorites suck on tables or highchair trays, so your kids can't pick up meals and throw them on the floor. The sides of these bowls and plates are designed to be arched to help your baby get food onto the spoon.

When you introduce solid foods, start with smaller portions so your baby doesn't get overwhelmed. Baby bowls may seem too big for the serving sizes your child needs during the first few months of solid food, but they're designed for longevity so your child can keep using them for years to come.

What to look for in baby bowls and plates?

Baby bowls and plates are made from a variety of materials: plastic, wood, soft silicone. Hard plastic is easiest to keep clean, but if your baby throws or throws it just right, some plastics can shatter; less hard plastics can warp in the dishwasher and collect odors and stains. Wood also stains over time, but it is natural and nearly indestructible. Silicone is fun to the touch, but ends up giving off a weird smell.

Many baby bowls and plates have suction cups or otherwise adhere to the table to prevent your baby from picking it up and throwing it away. Very determined or tough kids can still beat these devices sometimes, but best suction plates and bowls are useful in many situations.

Baby dinner plate are usually divided into three or four sections, so you can expose your baby to a variety of flavors and textures. (Separate plates are also helpful for fussy toddlers who don't like their food being touched.) Baby feeding dishes also come in different shapes and colors to liven up mealtimes.

How to use the suction feature?

This section only applies if the bowl/ plate has the suction feature.

Bowl & Plate suction:

Please note that the suction feature will work best on clean, smooth, dry, sealed and non-porous surfaces such as glass table tops. plastic.
laminated bench tops. smooth stone bench tops and certain sealed smooth wooden surfaces (not all wooden surfaces can be guaranteed).
If your high chair tray or intended surface is grainy or uneven, the bowl/ plate will not suction, for example the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair.

How to suction your bowl & plate:

For the best results, please ensure that both the tray/surface and plate/bowl are clean with no soap film or residue left and ensure that your
tableware has been rinsed thoroughly under warm water first. Then. dry thoroughly.
Press the plate/bowl down properly and firmly from the centre moving outwards towards the edges of your tableware. If the bowl/plate
already has food inside of it. place it on your child's tray or intended surface. Then engage the suction by using your child's spoon to to press
down the centre of the tableware and outwards.
Plates/bowls will not be able to suction properly to surfaces that has a soapy film. are uneven or have scratches.


Color Disclaimer

Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor or mobile screen has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently.

We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your
monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.

What age baby needs a dinner plate?

Babies usually don't need their own bowls or plates until they start feeding themselves, then it's best to buy an unbreakable clapboard sucker. Until then, you can use a regular plate or bowl.

Why divide toddler plates?

Toddler plates are separated to separate different foods and help your toddler feed him or herself more easily by using the walls of the dividers to scoop food onto the utensils.

When should babies start using utensils?

Babies usually start using utensils around 6 months of age (some months after the introduction of solid foods, some maybe a few months later). The transition from liquid to solid foods is an important milestone.

How do you choose the best baby tableware?

Identify the features that matter most to you, then pick your favorite styles and colors from premium brands you trust. The safety of baby tableware is essential, and Melikey's high-quality baby dinnerware gives your baby peace of mind.

What's the best way to get suction cups and suction cups to stick?

To maintain the strongest possible suction power, wash your set in a hot dishwasher before use. Clean the surface of the table or high chair to remove any dirt, grease or oily residue.

Can I put silicone plates and bowls in the oven?

Yes, you can put silicone plates and bowls in the oven for safe use at temperatures up to 23o°c.

Can I put silicone plates and bowls in the microwave?

Yes, you can put silicone plates and bowls in the microwave for safe use at temperatures up to 23o°c

Can I put silicone plates and bowls in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can put silicone plates and bowls in the dishwasher for safe use at temperatures up to 23o°c.

Can I keep silicone plates and bowls in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can put the silicone plates and bowls in the refrigerator for safe use with a minimum temperature of -40°C.

How old does my baby need to be to use your baby feeding set?

Our baby feeding set is recommended from 6 months old.

Our baby feeding sets are perfect for newborn babies who are just starting to feed solids or as a gift for your favorite newly weaned baby. For the ultimate starter tool, add the 3-in-1 Convertible Cup Set for mealtime success.

What's items in a dinnerware set?

F:    De ghnáth, ní mór dúinn na míreanna seo a leanas tacar iomlán a dhéanamh d’earraí earraí dinnéir:

      1). Bib silicone
      2). Tacar babhla babhta silicone nó tacar babhla cearnach silicone
      3). Pláta silicone
      4). Cupán sneaiceanna silicone
      5). Cupán sippy silicone
      6). Cupán óil silicone
      7). Pacifier silicone
      8). Cás pacifier silicone
      9). Slabhra pacifier silicone
      Is féidir leis na 9 gcineál earraí thuas go léir a mheaitseáil leis na dathanna céanna, is féidir le custaiméirí beartú agus díol sa mhargadh. Is féidir leat roinnt míreanna a roghnú go saor, go raibh maith agat.
What's the color option for those feeding items?


F: Go dtí seo tá 5-13 dathanna coitianta againn d’fhormhór na n-ítimí seo, ar féidir leo na dathanna céanna a mheaitseáil le haghaidh tacar iomlán amháin, agus tá ár bhfoireann ag forbairt dathanna coitianta nua an t-am ar fad, nuashonrófar duit go tráthúil má dhéantar aon dul chun cinn . Go raibh maith agat.

What's the MOQ for current feeding items?

A: 50 tacar in aghaidh an tacair, is féidir dathanna a mheascadh.

What's the Lead time for current feeding items?

F: De ghnáth bíonn earraí beathaithe dathanna againn i stoic mar is iad seo ár n-earraí díolachán te, is féidir leo timpeall 3-7 lá oibre a sheoladh amach duit de réir seichimh íocaíochta na gcustaiméirí, is luaithe a chríochnóidh tú, is luaithe a gheobhaidh tú iad, go raibh maith agat tú.

Can you do customized logo on these items? Need more details.

A: Sea, go díreach. Tá taithí iomlán ag ár bhfoireann i dtionscadail shaincheaptha. Ach ní mór do gach tionscadal saincheaptha MOQ a bhaint amach.
De ghnáth bíonn dhá theicneolaíocht lógó againn le haghaidh do thagartha:

1). Lógó priontála síoda
MOQ: 500 ríomhaire in aghaidh gach míre, is é $ 50 an muirear scáileáin bunaithe ar phriontáil suímh lógó AON COLOR ar gach mír, is gá praghas aonaid $ 0.1 a chur leis bunaithe ar phraghas roimhe seo.
Is é an t-am luaidhe ná thart ar 12 go 18 lá oibre.

2). Lógó léasair
MOQ: 300 ríomhaire in aghaidh gach míre, is gá praghas aonaid $ 0.2 a chur leis bunaithe ar phraghas roimhe seo.
Is é an t-am luaidhe ná thart ar 15 go 25 lá oibre, teastaíonn níos mó ama ó lógó léasair ar gach mír, toisc go dteastaíonn lógó léasair uainn ceann ar cheann agus glan ceann ar cheann, mar sin beidh an t-am táirgeachta níos faide ná lógó priontála síoda
Cén rogha lógó atá uait ? An bhféadfá pls do dhearadh lógó a chur chugainn? Ansin is féidir linn teimpléad lógó a dhéanamh duitse ar dtús. Go raibh maith agat.

Can you do custom package for feeding items? Need more details.

A: Sea, is féidir linn. Ach ar dtús ní mór dúinn a bheith ar an eolas faoi na míreanna ar mhaith leat pacáistí saincheaptha a dhéanamh? Ba mhaith leat pacáistí ar leithligh nó pacáiste iomlán le haghaidh tacar iomlán amháin?

1). Mála saincheaptha PEVA cairdiúla don chomhshaol
MOQ: 500 ríomhaire Is é $ 50 an muirear scáileáin bunaithe ar phriontáil suímh lógó ONE COLOR ar mhála, is gá praghas aonaid $ 0.1 a chur leis bunaithe ar phraghas roimhe seo.

2). Bosca páipéir saincheaptha le haghaidh tacar babhla nó bib
MOQ: 1,000 ríomhaire, tá praghas aonaid cothrom le $ 0.5- $ 0.6 in aghaidh an phíosa bunaithe ar do phacáiste deiridh

3). Crochadóir cárta saincheaptha do bib
MOQ: 1,000 ríomhaire, tá praghas aonaid cothrom le $ 0.3- $ 0.55 in aghaidh an phíosa, beidh an praghas deiridh bunaithe ar do dhearadh deiridh.

4). Is é an gnáthphacáiste atá againn do gach earra mála OPP, ní gá táillí breise a íoc.
5). Mála CPE, is gá $ 0.1 a chur in aghaidh an phíosa

Cén pacáiste atá uait? Is féidir tuilleadh sonraí a sholáthar tar éis duit teacht ar ais chugainn, go raibh maith agat.

How to control your items quality?

F: De ghnáth déanaimid cigireachtaí iomlána ar cháilíocht TRÍ-AMA chun a chinntiú go mbíonn ardchaighdeán ann dár gcustaiméirí.
An chigireacht chéad uair: QC a dhéantar tar éis do mhíreanna teacht amach as múnlaí.
An chigireacht dara huair: Oibrithe a dhéantar le linn cóimeála síoda nó roimh iad a phriontáil.
An chigireacht tríú huair: Cléireach stórais déanta roimh an loingsiú.

Laghdóidh an sreabhadh oibre cigireachta TRÍ-AM seo an caighdeán inferior go suntasach.

Which certificates do you have?

A: Tá sraith iomlán teastais againn le haghaidh gach dinnéir beathaithe FDA, saor ó BPA, CPC agus EN stardard, is féidir na teastais seo go léir a sheoladh más gá, go raibh maith agat.

Have you sent to FBA before?

F: Sea, go díreach, tá go leor custaiméirí againn ag díol earraí in Amazon, agus tá taithí iomlán ag ár bhfoireann maidir le freastal ar chustaiméirí Amazon, ní mór do gach bathes earraí chuig FBA cloí le roinnt rialacha, mar nach féidir le gach cartán ach níos lú ná 150 aonad a luchtú, gach ceann aonad agus caithfidh gach cartán barrachód, srl a chur. Is féidir linn cabhrú le custaiméirí an CPC ceart a dhéanamh chun liostaí a chríochnú in Amazon, ect, má tá aon cheist agat pls déan teagmháil linn go saor, go raibh maith agat.

Which shipping channel do you use? How many days for transportation time?

A: De ghnáth bíonn na bealaí seolta sin againn a leanann do rogha:
1). Sloinn: mar DHL, FedEx, TNT, srl, atá cainéal an-tapa, 3-8 lá de ghnáth le haghaidh am iompair, an níos tapúla, is airde.
2). Aer-loingsiú: tá an t-am iompair thart ar 13 go 18 lá oibre, féadann sé imréiteach saincheaptha a dhéanamh agus dleachtanna a íoc ar do shon, ciallaíonn sé gur féidir leat fanacht sa bhaile chun fanacht ar do dháileachtaí.
3). Loingsiú aigéin nó loingsiú iarnróid: tá an t-am iompair thart ar 28 go 45 lá oibre thart, féadann sé imréiteach saincheaptha agus dleacht a íocadh, beidh sé ar an gcainéal is ísle ina measc, ach an-mhall.
Ní féidir le gach dáileacht na trí chainéal seo a roghnú. An bhféadfá pls do liosta orduithe a chur chugainn ar dtús? Ansin is féidir linn an réiteach is fearr a oireann duit, go raibh maith agat.

Baby Feeding Sets: The Ultimate Guide

Weaning a baby can be an adventure for both children and parents. Rest assured that every curve and feature of our baby feeding dinner set has been carefully designed and curated with infant and toddler milestones and feeding habits in mind.

Feeding Milestones

0-4 months: Breast milk or formula from bottle or breastfeeding only

Babies eat frequently during this time, especially if they are breastfed. In infancy, the interval between meals can be close to 1.5 hours, and with age, the interval between meals can be shortened to 2-3 hours.

Get tips for helping babies with acid reflux.

Learn how to get your breastfed baby to drink from a bottle.

Learn how to deal with baby gagging on the bottle.

4-6 months: Begin receiving pureed baby food and cereals.

It's important not to rush into this, even though it can be very exciting to start feeding your baby. Some signs that your baby is ready, they are able to sit in a high chair without reclining (never spoon-feed in a reclining position like in a car seat), they seem Interested in what to eat and spoon with open mouth. While I don't want you to rush it, it's important that you start at 7 months and be sure to talk to your pediatrician if your baby doesn't seem ready.

Get the full tutorial on how to give your baby their first meal.

Get a feeding schedule for 6-7 months old.

Learn how to make your own baby food.

Are you considering baby led weaning (BLW)? Learn about the pros and cons of BLW.

6-8 months: Sip from a sippy cup.

It's a good idea to provide a sippy cup with meals at this age, as it helps them associate drinking with something other than a bottle.

6-12 months: Drink from an open cup with assistance.

Drinking from a small open glass is a wonderful learning technique for babies, although many parents don't want to try it because it's too messy and looks a bit advanced. At first, parents will hold a small plastic cup and try some sips. If your baby is coughing and choking a lot, they may not be ready, but occasional coughing is normal.

What Makes Our Baby Feeding Sets Different?

Our baby feeding sets are safe, versatile and durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of weaned toddlers! Choose from a variety of functional tableware to meet your baby's feeding needs. Our two baby cups are soft and flexible with easy-grip handles to help babies transition from the bottle. Baby plates and bowls are decorated with high sides and sturdy suction cups so that food stays in place. They stick to almost any surface, such as plastic, glass, metal, stone and sealed wooden surfaces. Take care to ensure the surface is clean and free of debris or dirt.

Which material is best for a baby feeding set?

The non-toxic and safest materials for baby feeding sets are:

silicone ghrád bia

Food grade melamine bamboo fiber

Eco-friendly bamboo

wood stainless steel


Why we choose food grade silicone: high quality, safe and environmentally friendly?

Is silicone suitable for baby feeding kits? The answer is yes! FDA-approved food-grade silicone, even brightly colored silicone, is a safe and non-toxic material for babies. It is free of any chemical by-products, BPA, and lead-free.

Are Silicone Baby Feeding Sets Microwave and Dishwasher Safe?

Made from high-quality silicone, our baby feeding sets offer young children an alternative to traditional plastic and fragile cutlery. We chose 100% food grade silicone for this collection so your child can learn to be autonomous and you can rest easy.

Our baby feeding sets are built to last

Our toddler dinnerware sets are available in minimalist, cartoon or animal designs. The minimalist design is timeless, attractive and won't lose your love easily. We also have very cute cartoon or animal designs, like dinosaurs, elephants and other animals, or cartoon rainbows, which are loved by babies and help babies have fun meals.

Our baby feeding sets are built to last. Once your baby has mastered this messy milestone, pass them on to others!

Feeding essentials for your infant and toddler

To get your child started on solid foods, you'll first need to buy some of the following basic items:

● high chair

● bib

● Baby bowls, plates and cups

● placemats

● cutlery set

While not required, a baby food maker is a super handy little tool if you plan to make your own baby puree.

Things to look out for when buying baby dinnerware

When shopping for baby tableware, first make sure it's appropriate for your child's age and developmental stage. Other considerations are that it is durable, practical, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and non-toxic (i.e. free of lead, phthalates and BPA).

Plates and bowls make dining easy

Child proof plates and bowls Make mealtimes easier and easier with separate non-slip suction cups and other utensils designed to help baby get more food in their mouths and less food elsewhere!

child proof plates and bowls

The Best Baby Spoons When Getting Started with Solid Foods

When your baby starts eating solids, use the ergonomic starter spoon designed for your baby's needs to make the transition smooth. Here are some types of baby spoons to choose from:

● Environmental protection

● automatic feeding

● Thermal sensor

● Silicone spoon cover

● travel

Spoons and forks for your child

Encourage independent feeding and use a spoon and fork set made especially for toddlers to soothe the gums. Self-serve spoons and textured spoons and forks are great for toddlers to help them develop skills as they grow.

Unmissable tableware features

No dinner set is complete without the accompanying cutlery. Look for baby weaning dinner set with these useful features:

● Non-slip grip and short, fat, rounded handle make it easier for small hands to hold.

● Textured handle helps develop sensory awareness.

● Double-headed automatic feeding spoon, which can be used for dipping fruit puree or scooping food.

● Durable but soft-tip cutlery.

● A spoon or fork to help stimulate and soothe teething gums.

Feeding sets, plates and bowls for your growing toddler

As children grow, they will develop enough strength and dexterity to grab anything that comes close to them, so it's important to buy sturdy, durable, suction cups and bowls that stay put. These characteristics are important since toddlers are likely to be feeding themselves at least partially.

The Best Plates and Bowls for Getting Baby to Start Solid Foods

When you start introducing baby food, you need dishes that are slip-resistant, shatter-proof, easy to clean and non-toxic. Plates with separate sections allow you to separate savory and sweet purees. Bowls with silicone lids are great for storing leftovers, and some lids even let you write on them!

Why it's all about suckers

Silicone suction cups are great for securing a plate or bowl to a counter or high chair tray, making it difficult (hopefully impossible) for the little one to grab or tip over the plate and let the food fly!

The Best Travel-Friendly Plates, Bowls, and dinnerware

Whether it's a picnic, a park outing or a mom group, here are some features to make feeding easy on the go.

● Foldable cutlery; utensils in hygienic suitcases; items that can be stored among other items to save space; bowls with storage lids

Why silicone plates are the way to go

Food grade baby dinner set silicone is durable, easy to clean, non-toxic and heat resistant, making it ideal for toddler dining set. Whether you put them in the dishwasher or microwave, or your baby tossed them all over the room, silicone plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are the perfect combination of safety, durability and convenience.

Cups that babies can use and their features

Going from bottle to sippy cup to "big kid" cup is an important developmental milestone for a child, and one that often requires patience. To make this process as smooth as possible, buy a sippy cup with a soft spout or straw, and easy-grip handles designed for small hands. Once your baby has mastered the sippy cup, consider switching to the mouthless 360 training cup, and then try the open cup under supervision.

Melikey Wholesale Best Baby dinnerware

By purchasing Mellikey baby cutlery wholesale, you will enjoy high quality products and professional service. In addition to an eco-friendly and functional design, our baby feeding utensils set is made with only the safest, BPA-free materials. Melikey baby's first dinner set is made of 100% high quality, safe food grade silicone. Materials and manufacturing processes contain zero harmful chemicals.

To ensure quality and safety, our feeding set for toddlers had passed a number of safety tests and are fully certified.

Ailt Ghaolmhara

1. An bhfuil bibs ag teastáil ó leanaí?

Go ginearálta, molaimid go gcaitheann leanaí nuabheirthe bíobáin do leanaí  bibs leanbh because some babies spit during breastfeeding and general feeding. This will also save you from having to wash baby clothes every time you feed. We also recommend placing the fasteners on the side because it is easier to fix and remove.

2. Cad é an bib leanbh is fearr?

Bíonn an t-am beathaithe praiseach i gcónaí agus stainfidh sé éadaí an linbh. Mar thuismitheoir, ba mhaith leat go bhfoghlaimeodh do chuid beag ithe leo féin gan mearbhall a chur orthu.  Tá bibs leanbh an  -riachtanach, agus teastaíonn cineálacha áirithe bibs ó ghníomhaíochtaí éagsúla. 

3. Cad iad na fadhbanna le bibs leanbh?

Tá an  bib leanbh silicone  deartha chun freastal ar riachtanais máithreacha nua-aimseartha. Obair, cruinnithe, coinní dochtúra, siopadóireacht grósaera, pioc leanaí ó dhátaí súgartha - is féidir leat é a dhéanamh ar fad. Slán a fhágáil ag táblaí glantacháin, cathaoireacha arda agus bia linbh ar an urlár! Ní gá bibíní leanbh iolracha a ní gach seachtain. Seo an méid a chaithfidh a bheith ar eolas agat nuair a shocraíonn tú bib oiriúnach a bheith agat.

4. Conas bib leanbh a dhéanamh?

Is maith linn  bibs silicone . Tá siad éasca le húsáid, éasca le glanadh, agus déanann siad am béile an-éasca. In áiteanna eile ar domhan, tugtar bibs catcher nó bibs póca orthu freisin. Is cuma cén chaoi a nglaonn tú orthu, beidh siad ina MVP de chluiche am béile do linbh.

5. Cathain is féidir le leanbh tosú ag caitheamh bib?

Nuair nach bhfuil do leanbh ach 4-6 mhí d’aois, ní féidir leo sneaiceanna a ithe fós, d’fhonn a n-ithe a éascú agus éilliú éadaí a chosc. De ghnáth is gá duit bib leanbh, a fhreastalaíonn ar riachtanais do linbh.

6. An bhfuil bibs silicone sábháilte?

Tá ár gcuid bibs silicone déanta as silicone 100% de ghrád bia ceadaithe ag FDA. Tá ár gcuid silicones saor ó BPA, phthalates agus amhcheimiceáin eile. 

Soft bib siliconedochar do chraiceann do linbh agus ní bhrisfidh sé go héasca.

7. Conas a ghlanann tú bíobaí silicone?

Is cuma cén chéim beathaithe atá tú,  is . Le húsáid an bib, b’fhéidir go bhfaighidh tú tú féin ag níochán an bib beagnach go minic. De réir mar a chaitheann siad amach, gan trácht ar na méideanna móra bia linbh a thiteann orthu, is dúshlán é iad a choinneáil glan.

8. An féidir leat bib silicone a chur sa mhiasniteoir?

Tá bib ​​silicone  uiscedhíonach, is féidir a chur sa dishewasher. Trí an bib a chur ar an tseilf ar bharr an mhiasniteoir, is féidir leis stains nach dteastaíonn a laghdú de ghnáth! Ná húsáid breiseáin bleach nó bleach neamh-chlóirín.

9. Cad é méid bib leanbh

BestBibs leanbh silicone , tá méid an linbh an-oiriúnach do leanaí a bhfuil meán-aois 6 mhí go 36 mí acu.

Tá na toisí barr agus bun thart ar 10.75 orlach nó 27 cm, agus tá na toisí clé agus deas thart ar 8.5 orlach nó 21.5 cm.

Tar éis dul i dtaithí ar an uasmhéid, tá imlíne an mhuineál thart ar 11 orlach nó 28 cm.

10.Cad é pointe bib leanbh?

Is éard atá i bibs leanbh  ná éadaí a chaitheann nuabheirthe nó leanaí óga chun a gcraiceann agus a n-éadaí mín a chosaint ar bhia, ar spitting agus ar seile.

Is féidir le caitheamh bíob leanbh a lán struis a mhaolú agus taisteal a dhéanamh níos éasca.

Bibs leanbh, is féidir leis an táirge simplí den scoth seo cabhrú leat leanaí nó leanaí óga a bheathú gan aon mhearbhall a chruthú.

11. Cathain a stopann leanbh bib a úsáid

Is éard atá i bibs leanbh  leanbh a chaithfidh tú a cheannach, agus is luaithe is fearr. Ar an mbealach seo, is féidir leat stains ar éadaí do linbh a sheachaint nó do leanbh a chosc ó fhliuchadh agus an éadach a athrú. Is gnách go dtosaíonn leanaí ag úsáid bibs chomh luath le 1 nó 2 sheachtain tar éis breithe. 

12. Conas atá an bib a úsáid sábháilte?

 Tá a fhios ag gach duine go bhfuil bibs ag teastáil ó leanaí. Mar sin féin, ní féidir an riachtanas atá le bibs leanbh go dtí go dtéann tú i ndáiríre ar bhóthar na dtuismitheoirí. Is féidir leat taisteal go héasca ar feadh roinnt laethanta, agus teastaíonn cineálacha áirithe bíobaí ó ghníomhaíochtaí éagsúla. Ní mór dúinn an bíob is oiriúnaí dár leanaí a roghnú agus é a úsáid go sábháilte. Seo roinnt rudaí atá ar eolas faoi bibs.

13. Ar chóir duit bib a chur ar nuabheirthe?

 Is  bib leanbh chun mearbhall a chosc nuair a bhíonn an leanbh ag beathú, agus an leanbh a choinneáil glan. Is féidir le leanaí fiú nár ith bia soladach nó nár phéacadh bán péarla roinnt beart cosanta breise a úsáid. Féadann an bib bainne cíche nó foirmle linbh a chosc ó thit amach ó éadaí an linbh le linn beathaithe, agus cuidiú leis an urlacan dosheachanta a leanann é a réiteach.

14. Conas bibs leanbh a dhíol?

Má tá sé ar intinn agat  bibs leanbh a mar do ghnó. Caithfidh tú ullmhú i bhfad roimh ré. Ar dtús báire, ba cheart duit dlíthe na tíre a thuiscint, an ceadúnas gnó agus na teastais a láimhseáil, agus caithfidh plean buiséid díolacháin bib a bheith agat agus mar sin de. Mar sin is féidir leat an gnó díolachán bib leanbh a thosú!

15. Cad ba cheart a bheith ar eolas agat faoi bibs leanbh silicone?

Ní amháin go bhfuil ár gcuid  bibs silicone crack, sliseanna nó cuimilt. Ní dhéanfaidh an bib silicone stylish agus durable greannú ar chraiceann íogair leanaí nó leanaí óga. Bheith Déanta as silicone grád bia agus níl formaildéad, bisphenol A, bisphenol A, clóiríd polaivinile, ftailáití nó tocsainí eile ann. Coscann bíobaí uiscedhíonacha silicone bia ó theacht i dteagmháil le héadaí leanaí, rud a chiallaíonn níos lú níocháin.

16.An tuismitheoir babhlaí leanbh is fearr ba chóir a roghnú?

 Tá an  babhla leanbh are made of safe food-grade materials, allowing babies to make feeding safer, easier and more fun. They are cute and stylish, and they are not easy to break. Very useful for guiding babies during the weaning and self-feeding stages.

17. An bhfuil micreathonn plátaí silicone sábháilte?

An tá pláta leanbh silicone a úsáid i miasniteoirí, cuisneoirí agus micreathonnta: is féidir leis an tráidire tachrán seo teocht ard a sheasamh suas le 200 320/320 ℉

18. An bhfuil babhlaí silicone sábháilte do leanaí?

 Tá an babhla silicone déanta as ábhar silicone grád bia sábháilte. Níl aon substaintí ceimiceacha ann atá neamh-tocsaineach, saor ó BPA. Tá silicone bog agus resistant titim agus ní dhéanfaidh sé dochar do chraiceann do linbh, ionas gur féidir le do leanbh é a úsáid ar a suaimhneas.  

19. An féidir leat plátaí silicone micreathonnach?

Silicone baby plate teas an-ard a sheasamh agus tá sé an-oiriúnach le húsáid i micreathonn nó san oigheann. Is féidir leat an pláta silicone a chur go díreach ar sheilf an oigheann, ach ní dhéanann an chuid is mó de na príomhchócaire agus báicéirí é seo toisc go bhfuil an pláta silicone amhlaidh bog go bhfuil sé deacair an bia a bhaint as an oigheann. 

20. Conas a mhúinim do mo leanbh spúnóg a shealbhú?

Moltar do thuismitheoirí  spúnóg leanbh as soon as possible when starting to introduce solid food to the baby. We have compiled some tips to help you determine when to use tableware and what steps to take to ensure your baby is on the right track to learn how to use the spoon successfully.

21. Cén aois a dtosaíonn tú ag beathú spúnóg do leanbh?

Tosaíonn próiseas féin-bheathú do pháiste le bianna finger a thabhairt isteach agus de réir a chéile forbraíonn sé go n-úsáidtear   spúnóga and forks. The first time you start spoon-feeding the baby is about 4 to 6 months, the baby can start to eat solid food.

22. Cén spúnóg is fearr don leanbh?

Nuair a bheidh do pháiste réidh le bia soladach a ithe, beidh tú ag iarraidh an  spúnóg leanbh is fearr  chun an próiseas aistrithe a shimpliú. De ghnáth is fearr le leanaí cineálacha áirithe aistí bia. Sula bhfaighidh tú an spúnóg leanbh is fearr do do cheann beag, b’fhéidir go mbeidh ort roinnt samhlacha a thriail.

23. Conas a dhéanann tú spúnóga adhmaid a shláintiú?

Wooden spoon  in aon chistin. Má dhéantar iad a ghlanadh go cúramach díreach tar éis iad a úsáid cabhróidh sé iad a chosc ó bhaictéir a charnadh. Faigh amach cé mar is féidir earraí boird adhmaid a chothabháil i gceart ionas go mbeidh cuma mhaith orthu ar feadh i bhfad.

24. Conas a thabharfaidh mé spúnóg do mo leanbh?

Forbraíonn gach leanbh scileanna ar a luas féin. Níl aon am nó aois socraithe, ba chóir duit an  spúnóg leanbh do do leanbh. Cinnfidh scileanna mótair do pháiste an “t-am ceart” agus fachtóirí eile.

25. Conas babhla silicone a ghlanadh?

Luafaidh an chuid is mó de na substaintí ceimiceacha sa phróiseas preasa ardteochta agus iarchóireála. Ach is gá é a ghlanadh go críochnúil roimh an gcéad úsáid. An leanbh babhlaí silicone monaróir insint duit conas a ghlanadh Bowl silicone.

26. Conas gan boladh a dhéanamh de bhabhla silicone?

Tá babhla  silicone silicone grád bia, gan bholadh, neamh-scagach, agus gan blas. Mar sin féin, d’fhéadfadh roinnt gallúnacha agus bianna láidre cumhra iarmharach nó Blas a fhágáil ar earraí boird silicone.

27. Conas babhla silicone a dhéanamh?

Silicone bowls  , neamh-tocsaineach agus sábháilte, silicone grád bia 100%. Tá sé bog agus ní bhrisfidh sé agus ní dhéanfaidh sé dochar do chraiceann an linbh. Is féidir é a théamh in oigheann micreathonn agus a ghlanadh i miasniteoir. Is féidir linn plé a dhéanamh ar conas babhla silicone a dhéanamh anois.  

28. Babhla silicone conas scagadh a dhéanamh?

Tá babhla  silicone de ghrád bia tá silicones gan bholadh, neamh-scagach agus gan bholadh, fiú mura bhfuil siad contúirteach ar bhealach ar bith. D’fhéadfadh roinnt iarmhair bhia láidre a fhágáil ar na hearraí boird silicone, Mar sin caithfimid ár mbabhla silicone a choinneáil glan. 

29. Conas babhla silicone collapsible a dhearadh?

Tá an  silicone folding bowl is made of food-grade materials vulcanized at high temperature. The material is delicate and soft, harmless to the human body, safe and non-toxic at high temperatures, and can be used with confidence.

30. What are the best plates for babies ?

Are the baby trays ready? In order to determine the pláta dinnéir is fearr,  each product has been side-by-side comparison and hands-on testing to evaluate materials, ease of cleaning, suction power, and more. We believe that through recommendations and guidance, you will find the perfect product that meets the needs of you and your baby.

31.Are baby plates necessary?

  Want to promote self-feeding for babies, but don't like cleaning up huge mess? How to make feeding time the happiest part of your baby's day? Baby plates  le do leanbh beatha go héasca. Seo na fáthanna a mbaineann leanaí leas as nuair a úsáideann tú plátaí leanbh.


If you can establish a 4 month old beathaithe leanbh schedule, it will help make life easier when you want to start a 5 month old baby routine or even a 6 month old routine for a health, happy baby!

33. Baby Feeding Schedule: How Much and When to Feed Babies l Melikey

Teastaíonn méideanna difriúla ó gach bia a thugtar do leanaí, ag brath ar mheáchan, goile agus aois. Ar ámharaí an tsaoil, is féidir le haird a thabhairt ar sceideal beathaithe laethúil do linbh cuidiú le roinnt buille faoi thuairim a laghdú. 

34. When should a baby start using a fork and spoon l Melikey

Most experts recommend introducing utensils between 10 and 12 months, because your almost toddler starts to show signs of interest. It's a good idea to let your child use a spoon from an early age.

If you want to buy feeding set for young children, please contact us for a list of the best baby tableware options for its practicality, versatility and durability.

Scríobh do theachtaireacht anseo agus seol chugainn é