Melikey Silikon Mahsulotlar Video

Huizhou Melikey Silikon mahsulot Co Ltd silikon mahsulotlari professional ishlab chiqaruvchi hisoblanadi. Biz uy silikon mahsulotlari, oshxona, bolalar o'yinchoqlari, ochiq havoda, go'zallik, boshqalar haqida o'ylash

High quality silicone raw material is very important to make a high quality silicone product. We mainly use LFGB and food grade silicone raw material.It is totally non-toxic, and approved by FDA/ SGS/LFGB/CE.

Our baby bowl is safe and convient to use, the material is made of soft and food grade silicone.

How To Make A Pacifier Clip

You can choose different beads and clips to DIY pacifier clip.

We have 10 colors in stock, and we have patterns are printed on baby bibs. Welcome to customize your design.

Let's stat to make beautiful baby play gyms !

Silicone Round Beads, 9mm,12mm,15mm,20mm, 56 colors.

Qanday teether xavfsiz yoki yo'qmi, qaror qabul qilish?

ning kremniy koala teether valentlik test qilsin.

Colorful beads, Colorful life!

We have all kinds of beads, round, hexagon, flat...... and we have 56 colors for your choice.

Qanday xat munchoqlar bilan tinchlikka, klip qilish?

12mm silikon xat munchoq

Qancha silikon Rakun teether ranglar?

silikon Rakun teether uchun 12 ranglar bor. Exclusive dizayn patent silikon Rakun teether

Nima uchun bir teether kavshab kabi chaqaloqlar?

Yangi borar silikon Dragon teether

Qanday silikon teether ishlab chiqarish? Qanday silikon ko'p rang teether chiqib keladi?