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Huizhou Melikey Silicone Product Co. Ltd dia matihanina silicone mpanamboatra ny vokatra. Tsy mifantoka amin'ny vokatra silicone houseware, kitchenware, zaza kilalao, ivelan'ny trano, hatsaran-tarehy, sns

High quality silicone raw material is very important to make a high quality silicone product. We mainly use LFGB and food grade silicone raw material.It is totally non-toxic, and approved by FDA/ SGS/LFGB/CE.

Our baby bowl is safe and convient to use, the material is made of soft and food grade silicone.

How To Make A Pacifier Clip

You can choose different beads and clips to DIY pacifier clip.

We have 10 colors in stock, and we have patterns are printed on baby bibs. Welcome to customize your design.

Let's stat to make beautiful baby play gyms !

Silicone Round Beads, 9mm,12mm,15mm,20mm, 56 colors.

Ahoana no hanapa-kevitra raha mba misy teether azo antoka na tsia?

Andao hanao Silicone Koala teether tensile fitsapana.

Colorful beads, Colorful life!

We have all kinds of beads, round, hexagon, flat...... and we have 56 colors for your choice.

Ahoana no hanao pacifier le clip amin'ny taratasy vakana?

12mm silicone taratasy vakana

Firy ny loko ny silicone raccoon teether?

Misy 12 loko ho an'ny silicone raccoon teether. Endrika manokana patanty silicone raccoon teether

Nahoana zaza toy ny mitsako amin'ny teether?

New tonga silicone dragona teether

Ahoana no mamokatra ny Silicone teether? Ahoana no silicone maro-loko teether mivoaka?

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