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Teething can be difficult and challenging for babies. To relieve the pain and discomfort they experienced when the first set of teeth began to appear. For this reason, most parents buy teething rings for their babies to relieve pain and reduce discomfort. Parents often want to know-is wooden teether safe? To be honest, a large number of plastic baby teethers on the market contain loose plastic, bisphenol A, benzocaine and other harmful substances. You don't want your baby to be near the mouth. Considering these factors, many parents turn to wooden teethers.


But Are wooden teether safe?

Wooden teething rings are undoubtedly a safer choice. They are products of natural origin and do not contain synthetic chemicals and non-toxic materials. The antibacterial properties of wood make it a natural antibacterial agent, helping to soothe babies and relieve teething pain. This aspect is a huge advantage for wooden teething rings, because we are all worried about bacteria in toys that children chew.

All our wooden teethers are CE tested, which is a very strong wood that will not chip.


What kind of wood can teething safely?

It is best to choose a gutta-percha made of natural or organic wood that does not contain any preservatives. Hard maple teething rings are the most recommended, but you can also choose toys made from walnut, myrtle, madron and cherry.

Most types of hardwood can create a safe toy for your child to chew, but you need to stay away from softwood. That's because cork (or evergreen tree) may contain various natural oils that are not safe for babies.

When it comes to wooden teether, some parents worry that debris and pointed ends will stick to the baby's gums. To prevent this, some manufacturers use oil and beeswax to seal the wood, protect it from damage and prevent chipping. With this in mind, you need to be careful when choosing wooden teething toys, because not all oils can be safely applied to your baby's gums.


How to clean wooden teether?

Wooden teethers made of natural wood are easy to maintain and clean. You can easily clean the wooden teether with a damp cloth and clean water, but you should avoid soaking in water to avoid damaging the wood.


Our wooden teethers are very safe, durable, non-toxic, non-chemical, and natural antibacterial. Melikey wooden teethers help your baby through the teething period in a natural and safe way.

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Post time: Nov-24-2021