Silicone Teething Products

Teething is an exciting period of development, but it does bring some discomfort to children and also troubles to mom.


Fortunately, all our teething toys have texture and sensory bumps to relieve those swollen and painful gums. In addition, our teethers are made of soft, food-safe silicone. They are the ideal texture to gently soothe sore gums of babies.They are also good toys to exercise your baby' ability to chew. All our baby teethers are free of phthalates and BPA, and only use non-toxic or edible paints.


Silicone has natural resistance to bacteria, mold, fungus, odor and stains. Silicone is also very durable, long lasting, and the color remains bright. Easy to Clean and Sterilize, it can be washed in the dishwasher and sterilized by boiling. In fact, we have many products with different characteristics in the category of silicone teething, including silicone teether, pendant, beads, necklace, pacifier clips, ring...... Our silicone jewelry and teethers have various patterns and shapes, like elephant, flower, diamond, hexagon and so on. We also have a lot of silicone accessories, you can DIY your own design.


Melikey specializes in the wholesale of silicone products and supports personalized customization. We provide professional technology and services. Welcome to send inquiry to learn more.