Baby Drinking Cup

China Wholesale Baby Cup Supplier


Melikey is a China wholesale baby cup supplier and operates its own baby cup factory for manufacturing.


Our wholesale custom baby cups with various patterns and brand logos, and can be customized in many colors and sizes. We wholesale silicone baby cups for different ages and you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes in the Melikey Baby Cup. We have a professional R&D team, we can accept OEM and ODM. It's easy to find the right baby cup for your child here.  


Our factory is more suitable for making bulk baby cup orders. Our stock options are limited so if you need thousands of wholesale baby cups then this order will need to be made at our factory. Your wholesale baby cups will be assembled for you at a great price.


What age should children drink from baby drinking cup? You can start feeding littles the cup at the same time you feed him solid food. The goal for the 6 to 12 month age group is to practice drinking milk and water, not to change breast or milk bottle. There are endless possibilities for baby feeding cups. All cups, whether they are open, straws or toddler sippy cups, require your baby to use his tongue and mouth instead of drinking from a bottle.


1.Training Cup / Sippy cup
Many parents buy typical straw cups first because they are spill proof and easy to carry, and they are essentially baby bottles with slightly different designs.


2. Straw cup
Toddler cups with straws can help learn how to sip, however, they provide fewer exercises for other skills. Usually there is also a non spill design.


3. Open cup
Some babies go directly from the bottle to the open cup, so this option can also be considered. From about 6 months old, the infant is ready to sip from an open cup held by another person during development.