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Baby Silicone Cup Wholesale & Custom

Melikey Silicone is a baby custom cup factory, mainly engaged in the manufature and wholesale of silicone baby products. Our silicone baby cups have strict quality control from the procurement of raw materials to the sale of finished products. The company has established a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international quality management system. ISO9001 certificated.  The company has won the unanimous recognition of consumers with satisfactory product quality and perfect after-sales service. We have a professional R & D team. We can accept O E M and O D M.

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Silicone Baby Cup Wholesale

Melikey wholesale silicone baby cups includes silicone sippy cup lids, training cups, personalized cups. 

Our training cups wholesale are perfect for those little ones just learning to use a cup on their own. Made from safe and durable materials, our training cups feature easy-grip handles and spill-proof designs to make the transition easier for both parents and children.

Those looking to purchase wholesale sippy cups will be delighted with our bulk options. Our sippy cups in bulk are perfect for those with larger families, daycare centers, or businesses looking to offer a range of baby products to their customers. Our wholesale sippy cups come in a range of colors and designs, making them the perfect choice for both boys and girls.

Our small silicone cup range is perfect for those looking for a compact and easy-to-use option. Featuring a small size that's perfect for little hands, our small silicone cups are perfect for on-the-go use and can be easily packed in a diaper bag or backpack.

For those looking to add a personal touch to their little one's cup, our personalized baby cups are the perfect option. Featuring a range of designs and colors, our personalized cups can be customized with your child's name or initials, making them perfect for gift-giving or special occasions.

With our sippy cups in bulk and wholesale sippy cups to personalize options, Melikey Company offers an affordable solution for parents and businesses looking for high-quality baby products. Our range of silicone cup baby offers a range of styles, colors, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect option for your little one's needs.

Product Features

> Food Grade Silicone – Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Fillers

> Silicone straw – gentle on gums and developing teeth

> Measuring marks – make it easy to pour just the right amount

> Sturdy bottom – prevents cup from tipping over

> Dishwasher safe – quick and easy cleanup

> LEAK-PROOF TOP – The snug-fitting top won’t pop out when you squeeze the cup!

> REUSABLE – Use without lid as a training cup or the perfect snack sized cup!


Nursing Tips:


Dishwasher safe

Boil resistant for deep cleaning of stains and odors

*Silicone sometimes takes on the smell or taste of the objects it comes in contact with. To remove unwanted tastes or odors, simply soak the product in boiling water for 15 minutes.


We recommend following these tips when caring for silicone products:

• Do not soak in soapy water

• Place all silicone on the top rack of the dishwasher

• Use mild detergent for cleaning

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Silicone Baby Cup

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Silicone Baby Cup

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Silicone Strawberry Snack Cup

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 Collapsible Silicone Baby Cup
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Melikey: A Leading Silicone Baby Cup Manufacturer In China

Melikey Custom Baby Drinking Cup

Introducing Melikey's customized baby cup - the perfect solution for parents who are looking for personalized silicone cups and spill-proof cups for their little ones! Our custom logo printed spill proof baby cups are designed to provide a safe, non-toxic, and durable alternative to traditional sippy cups. Whether you're looking for sippy cup bulk options or personalized baby cup. Melikey silicone cup for baby is a perfect choice

Melikey custom silicone baby cup is a drinking cup specially designed for babies, made of food-grade silicone material, odorless and non-toxic, safe for babies' health. Silicone material has good heat resistance and anti-aging properties.

Melikey Silicone Baby Cups are cute in shape, bright in color, easy to hold, conform to baby's mouth shape and drinking habits, and also have a leak-proof design for easy use. In addition, Melikey can also provide customization services, which can add personalized information such as the baby's name, date of birth, and photos on the cup to make the cup more unique and distinctive.

Melikey customized silicone baby cup is a healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and practical, personalized customized baby drinking cup, which is very suitable for babies.

baby cup

How to Customize Silicone Baby Cup?

We are a professional baby training cup manufacturer and can provide you with personalized customized silicone baby cup services.

About custom silicone cup, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact us with your needs and design requirements. We will have professional sales staff to communicate with you and propose solutions.

2. Design confirmation and sample making. We will make samples according to your needs for you to confirm the sample design and quality. We can also produce new samples again if adjustments to the sample are required and changes are made again.

3. Payment. Before payment confirmation, we will provide you with elements such as samples, product prices, order quantities and production time for final confirmation.

4. Production and Delivery. We will start to produce your custom silicone baby cup once we confirm receipt of final confirmed samples, contract and advance payment. The production cycle may affect the delivery time, and we will inform you of the approximate delivery time later.

We pay great attention to customer experience and product quality to ensure that you get satisfactory products and services. Contact us to start customizing your silicone baby cup project!

Advantages of Melikey Custom Baby Cups

 As a professional silicone baby cups manufacturer, we have the following advantages:

1. Rich experience: We have more than 10 years of experience in the research and development, production and sales of silicone materials, and can meet the needs of various customers.

2. Design team: We have a professional design team that can provide customers with excellent creativity and customized design services to ensure that all customer needs are met.

3. High quality: We use high-quality silicone material and fine manufacturing process to ensure that each silicone baby cup meets international quality standards.

4. Excellent after-sales service: Our after-sales service includes free design previews, free samples, free production and delivery schedules for baby cups, and timely answers to any questions from customers.

5. Customer Satisfaction: We always take customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Our goal is to provide customers with the best products, best service and best quality experience.

To sum up, our silicone baby cup manufacturer has rich experience, professional design team, high-quality products, excellent after-sales service and high customer satisfaction. We believe that we will be able to provide customers with the best customized silicone baby cups


Custom baby cup

Factory Silicone Baby Cup Production

For production, Melikey owns the abrasives for silicon cup, and mass produces silicone drink cups in 24 hours. Silicone cups bulk. Uninterrupted supply of silicone cups wholesale. As a OEM baby sippy cup supplier in China, we have complete production equipment and quality control system. Abundant inventory.

The production process of the silicone baby cup is as follows:

1. Material procurement: First, prepare the required silicone raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials to ensure sufficient supply of materials.

2. Mold making: According to the customer's request, design a suitable mold, and assemble it into a practical mold after mold processing.

3. Mold debugging: After the mold is made, it is necessary to debug the mold to check whether each position can meet the requirements.

4. Glue application: Pour the silica gel into the glue applicator, and apply the silica gel evenly to every position of the mold through the rotation of the glue applicator and the way of introducing air.

5. Hardening: Place the silicone-coated mold in a silicone oven at a constant temperature and humidity to let the silicone harden naturally. After waiting for a certain period of time, take out the silicone baby cup mold and check whether the mold is damaged.

6. Cutting and cleaning: peel off the silicone mold from the mold, and cut off the edge of the cup mouth, then clean the cup, and complete the silk screen or label identification.

7. Packaging: Pack the silicone baby cups that meet the quality standards, and pack them into boxes according to customer requirements.

8. Review and delivery: The final finished silicone baby cup will be reviewed to ensure high quality standards and delivered to the customer.

The above is the production process of silicone baby cups. From material procurement to delivery, every step of the process needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the final product.

Customer Reviews


Customer Feedback

Why Do You Choose Melikey?

One-Stop Wholesaler

Melikey provides wholesale silicone tableware with various functions, from baby bibs, baby bowls, baby plates to baby cups, etc. This means you can find all the dinnerware you need here.

Top manufacturer

Milleck designs and produces according to customer requirements, and provides OEM/ODM customized services.

Comprehensive Certificate

Our products have passed FDA, SGS, COC and other quality inspections, and provide more professional certificates to customers around the world.

Our Certificates

As a professional manufacturer for silicone cups, our factory have passed latest ISO9001, CE, BSCI, FDA, CPC certificates.


Silicone Training Cup


Silicone training cup Made from high-quality silicone, our baby silicone training cups are a school-proof alternative to traditional plastic and fragile toddler cutlery. We choose 100% food grade silicone because it is non-brittle, soft and stretchy to protect your baby's gums and developing teeth. Cups made of glass, hard plastic or ceramic may cause damage if dropped or baby cannot control the cup. Will break, so they risk hitting the mouth or teeth.



At what age should children drink from a training cup?


  • Around 6 months: Most children can take sips of water from an open cup held by their parent or caregiver.


  • Around 12 months: Most children can start to grasp the handle and use an open cup correctly.


How do you transition from bottles to training cups?


Transitioning from a breast cup, bottle or sippy cup to a training cup for babies is an important developmental milestone. How should you transition from a bottle to a training sippy cup?


  • start early


  • Start with an empty cup


  • Start with a silicone nozzle


  • Remove the valve


  • Provide something other than water


Drinking from a silicone training cup can also help prevent tooth decay, which can be promoted by long-term bottle use. Drinking from a cup develops fine motor skills and coordination. But every child is different and will reach milestones when they are ready. Aim to introduce open cup training cups between 6 and 12 months of age.


How to teach your baby to drink from a training cup?

Our silicone training cups feature handles on both sides to help your child have a stable grip on the cup. Start with a small amount of water to minimize spillage, which will inevitably occur as they speed up drinking from the cup. As they learn, you can increase the amount of liquid in the cup.


Why should you choose our products?

Our silicone training cups work with hot, cold and frozen liquids or purees and are easy to clean up. They are also dishwasher safe. Like all Melikey products, our training cups wholesale comply with all global food safety standards (FDA, LFGB and CE and is free of BPA, PVC, latex, phthalates, lead, cadmium and mercury.

Melikey is a leading baby training cup factory in China, we have rich experience in wholesale baby training cup. We have leading production technology and advanced equipment, Professional sales and R&D team. Cooperate with Melikey, we will become your best baby training cup supplier.

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