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Starting from about 6 months, the baby sippy cup will gradually become a must-have for every baby, drinking water or milk is indispensable. 
There are many sippy cup styles on the market, in terms of function, material, and even appearance. You don't even know which one to choose from a lot of baby cup suppliers. In order to choose the best drinking cup for your baby, parents need to know and learn related knowledge in advance. You may need to try several different styles to see which one they find easier.


Baby Sippy Cup

LFGB, FDA approved silicone-100% food grade, LFGB approved silicone has better quality, so it has higher durability and less silicone odor and taste.
Durable silicone baby cup with handles-Two handles, small hands can easily hold-The lid is firmly fixed in place to prevent overflow
The soft and elastic silicone can protect the baby's gums and developing teeth. It is very suitable for chewing children with teething.

cost: $2.8 per piece

packaging: opp bag

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Baby Straw Cup


Most babies can use the straw cup when they are around 9 months old. When using the cup with straw for baby, the tip of the tongue will press against the back of the lower teeth, and then push the liquid to the back for swallowing. This can effectively reduce the liquid’s contact with the teeth and allow the baby to drink the liquid directly, so drinking milk from the straw cup can take more time.

Melikey's self-designed honey jar straw cup has a very cartoon and cute appearance. The overflow-proof design of the cup with a lid is very firm. The straw opening is soft and will not hurt the baby's lips.

Three-in-one function silicone straw cup. One-piece design, the lid and straw can be removed and used as an open cup. In addition to the straw cup, it also comes with a snack cup lid, so that the baby will not cause confusion during the snacking process.

 cost: $3.05 per piece

packaging: opp bag

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Baby Open Cup


Whether it is a drinking cup or a straw cup, it is provided for children during the transitional period of drinking water. Ordinary open cup is the most suitable choice for the baby in the end.
After the baby has no problem using the straw cup, you can start to try to let him use the open cup.
Most babies can drink from an open water cup when they are around 1 year old. This is very important to exercise the baby's swallowing and chewing function and the coordination of the muscles!
When choosing an open cup for your baby, in addition to the safety of the material, you must pay attention to the diameter, depth and size of the cup. Do not choose a cup that is too large. The cup should be equipped with a handle to facilitate the baby's grasp.

cost: $1.5 per set

packaging: opp bag

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How to choose the best cup for babies

○ Choose a "good-looking" cup

First of all, the color scheme must be bold enough. , Because the baby just uses it as a toy, and the beautiful color can attract the baby's attention, and it is half the battle.

○ Choose a cup that is easy to handle

Be sure to choose a handle for the straw cup stage.

This is convenient for the baby to grasp and feed to the mouth by himself, and the sense of accomplishment is also full.

○ Easy to clean

In the long run, nothing is more practical than a simple design and easy cleaning. The silicone drinking cup is safe and easy to clean. Rinse it with water and dry it in the sun.


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