Before you buy silicone teether, there are seven things you should pay attention to

Long teeth when the baby, really is a grinding elfin, while irritable crying, while wayward bite people, while eating paper, while biting a chair...

How to choose a good silicone baby teether?Here are a few tips:

1, choose a regular brand, identify the relevant certification mark.For example, China's 3C certification, European Union's CE certification, Japan's ST certification and so on.

2, the best choice of integrated Silicone teether. Teether can not have easy to drop small parts, the length of the entrance part more than 3 cm do not choose, in addition, the voice is too harsh do not choose.

3. Choose and use strictly according to your baby's age.Pay attention to the upper limit of use on the package, do not continue to use beyond the age of month, so as not to affect the baby's bite ability.

4, the silicone teether soft and hard to fit, too hard to hurt the gums, too soft and massage.

It can't be too heavy.Many babies play with silicone teether lying on their backs, too heavy to hold onto their faces.

6, can not have sharp edges and corners, size to facilitate the baby grasp.At 6 months, your grip is not as good as you think.

7. Check whether the gum is damaged or not. Stop using it immediately if the silicone teether is damaged.

Silicone teether recommended to meet requirements


Post time: Aug-26-2019
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