Can baby teether break through the child’s oral template?

   Can baby teether break through the child’s oral template?

       Baby teether, also known as teether, molar stick, molars, teether, etc., generally made of silicone, rubber, latex, thermoplastic elastomer or thermoplastic, is used to reduce or alleviate teething in infants and young children. The common discomfort caused by the baby, the common baby products that help the baby exercise chewing and biting.

  Due to the direct entrance of the teether, the materials of the teether are safe and hygienic, and the structure is safe and reliable, which is deeply concerned by consumers.

  In normal use, the baby will put the gum in the mouth. In order to test the bite durability of the sample, the test refers to GB 28482-2012 “Safety Requirements for Infants and Young Pacifiers”, simulates the biting action of infants and young children on the teether, uses the fixture of the simulated teeth, and carries out the sample 50 times with a certain force. Bite action test.

  The results showed that 15 of the 20 samples did not rupture, tear or separate, and the other 5 samples had different degrees of rupture.

  Consumption advice

  In general, silicone, latex, and thermoplastic elastomers are relatively soft. When purchasing, consumers can refer to the material of the product, or pinch it by hand to feel the softness of the product.

  Before use, be sure to read the product’s instruction manual or warnings carefully, and disinfect or clean the product according to the instructions.

  In general, silicone teethers can be sterilized or cleaned with boiling water; rubber, thermoplastic elastomers or thermoplastics are not suitable for high temperature sterilization.

  To ensure safety and hygiene, clean and carefully inspect each time before using silicone teether, and stop using the teether when it is damaged or defective for the first time.

  Do not place the teether in the freezer of the refrigerator to prevent the silicone baby teether from getting too hard and hurting the child.

  Do not tie the strap or the string to the teething toy to prevent the child from suffocating.

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