Do you understand the importance of selecting raw materials for the customization of silicone kitchenware?

To household life, a lot of friends hope to be able to get the peace of mind that use more, eat the peace of mind product, kitchen utensils and tableware a kind of product also is same;It is very important to choose a safe product, so many people use silicone kitchenware, not traditional hardware plastic tableware!

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Choose silicone kitchenware, I believe many friends are running environmental protection and safety performance, and there are several advantages of silicone products!

Safety is important, but for consumers the quality of the product and whether it meets the standards are not certain by many people;

Many consumers in the purchase of whether to really buy environmentally friendly non-toxic food grade silicone kitchenware estimate can not get an accurate answer;

So today small make up for you to explain what is the real food grade silicone products!

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Although silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the human body and any substances do not conflict reaction, but the grade can be distinguished from a variety of different;

The primary standard of food-grade silicone products is to achieve various testing and certification, long service life is good, environmental protection effect is better, stretching and springback effect is better than ordinary rubber, it can be better in all aspects!

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General silicone kitchenware factory if it is to choose ordinary rubber material production kitchenware, there will be several common phenomenon;

The toughness, springback softness and handle of raw materials will be low, and the long-term use of stretch springback toughness of products will reduce the effect;

And do not use the second sulfur will appear gum flavor, through the environmental monitoring certification can not reach the food level.

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Therefore, under normal circumstances, the use of ordinary silica gel raw materials is not up to the market requirements, but silicone products manufacturers use ordinary rubber production and processing of kitchen supplies will not affect the human body, the same can be used, just see the product market

Many goods on the wholesale market is easy to appear this product, purchase is no problem but the quality of rubber, long-term use of the effect of the gap!

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Post time: Sep-11-2019
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