How long do babies teethe?

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Humera Afroz:

Baby’s may start teething from 3–4 months This is known as early teething.

Some baby’s also get teeth at the age of 18 months this is late teething.

During teething process babies would keep on sucking their fingers due to pain and also they would get pain around their jaws.

We should start massaging & Cleaning baby’s mouth with the help of soft silicone finger toothbrush in order to get proper teeth.

During teething process we should use teethers ,Pacifiers and Instant reusable hot and cold gel pack

Nishitha Varma:

Each baby is different. Some babies show up their teeth even in 3 months and some babies show up their teeth even in 18 months it completely depends on babies :)

All you need is to massage and clean your baby gums with soft silicone finger toothbrush which should be BPA free. During teething we should give babies frozened carrot to chew which helps babies to relive from the pain.

Also try giving teethers again which are made up of silicone and BPA free.

I suggest to use teethers and finger toothbrush as they are made up of silicone and BPA free and completely safe for babies .

Sophia van Heerden:

How long do babies teethe


Deepika chandan:

Depends on baby. For teething teethers are to be given. Teethers Provides great oral stimulation and are perfect for the babies to heal during their teething period. Also massage and clean baby gums with soft silicone finger tooth brush.But use BPA free finger toothbrush.

Would suggest you to do try and use silicone teething products during teething process as they are BPA free and made of silicone.

Post time: May-17-2020