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Silicone teether, Designed to help the baby through the difficult period of teething. It can distract your baby well during breastfeeding. Keep your baby’s attention while breastfeeding or breastfeeding to avoid scratches and hair. Applying soft pressure to your baby’s gums will help relieve teething discomfort.


The safety of silicone teether is mainly reflected in the following points:


100% safety certification-non-toxic, free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and lead.

Soft and chewable-made of high-quality food-grade silicone, soft and chewy. Helps soothe baby’s gums.


the size of the design is suitable for the baby to avoid the danger of throat jam

3. Fastening

 Make sure that there is no risk of small parts falling. if the baby swallowed it, it is very dangerous.

Sensory points and texture-The sensory points and texture design on the back are convenient for babies to grasp and stimulate gums.


Our silicone teether is very safe for babies to use. In addition, we also have other silicone products, all of which are food-grade silicone for babies. There are two main categories: Silicone teething toys and Silicone Baby Dinner Set. Welcome to consult us. 


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