How should silicone teether, grind tooth stick to choose?Different stages of teething have different choices

During the teething phase, one of the favorite things moms do is count their teeth!

See a few teeth grow in the mouth of the baby every day, grow where, grow how big, never get bored with it.

In the following days, the baby always drool, love to cry, do not eat, and even some babies will have a fever because of illness, the mother is very worried.

In fact, don't worry too much, there is a magic can help the mother of this problem, that is: silicone teether!

Teether, also known as fixed tooth implement, practice tooth implement, is made of safe and non-toxic soft plastic glue. It has various designs, some of which can highlight grooves, some of which can massage gums.

Through sucking and biting gum, can promote the baby's eye, hand coordination, thereby promoting the development of intelligence.

Should choose different teether to darling in different phase, how should choose ability most appropriate?Let's talk a little today!

Stage 1: incisors

The first stage is the baby's front teeth, which is 6-12 months of age. At this stage, the rubber ring gum is suitable for the baby and helps relieve the pain of budding.

After every use to disinfection, so the material and design of dental glue to facilitate frequent disinfection.

Stage 2: canine growth

The second stage is the canine stage of the baby, during the 12 to 24 months, this period of teether can be selected with hard and soft chewing surfaces teether.

Modeling can be rich, the baby can play as a toy.

The teether can be refrigerated, and the cold sensation can ease the swelling and pain of the baby's canine teeth.

Stage 3: molar growth

The third stage is the baby's molar stage. At 24-30 months, the teether should be the size of your baby's palm.

This is the time to choose fun teether to help distract your baby and reduce pain.Teether can be placed in the refrigerator to keep it cool.

Stage 4: lateral incisors of the lower jaw

At 9-13 months, the lateral incisors of the lower palate erupt, and at 10-16 months, the lateral incisors of the upper palate erupt and begin to adapt to solid food.

At this time, the baby's lips and tongue can move at will, and can chew up and down at will.

At this stage, solid and hollow dental gel or soft silicone teether can be used to alleviate the pain caused by lateral incisors when they erupt, and help to enhance the development of baby's teeth. It is recommended for babies at this stage.

Special notes:

If your baby is breast-feeding, you should avoid using molars, which can easily cause tongue paralysis and cause tongue sucking disorder.

At this time you can use a clean gauze wrap a small piece of ice to baby cold compress, ice cold feeling can temporarily ease the discomfort of the gums.

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