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Silicone teether for all ages

Stage 1 gingiva

Before darling 4-5 months, when the tooth does not grow formally, can massage baby’s gum gently with wet cloth or handkerchief, on the one hand can clean gum, on the other hand can alleviate the discomfort of darling.

You can also use your finger and toothbrush to clean your baby’s mouth. If your baby often bites, you can choose a soft gum and put it in the refrigerator to cool down. The cold touch can relieve the swelling and pain of your baby’s teeth before teething.

Stage 2 teeth cutting in the middle of the milk

When the baby is 4-6 months old, it begins to grow baby teeth — a pair of teeth in the middle of the lower jaw.Your baby will grab anything he can see with his fingers, put it in his mouth, and start mimicking the adult’s chewing (but can’t break food).

In this stage to choose the entrance is easier, can safely massage baby soft milk teeth, relieve the discomfort of the baby, can meet the baby’s mouth, increase the sense of security, suitable for baby bite and easy to hold the gum.

Stage 3-4 small incisors

8- to 12-month-old babies, who already have four small front teeth, begin to practice using new tools to cut up food, basically chewing food skillfully with their gums, and cutting soft foods with their front teeth, such as bananas.

At this stage, depending on the baby’s chewing ability, the baby can choose the combination of water/soft gum gum, so that the baby can experience different feeling of chewing;In the meantime, soft glue place need not worry about darling is chewed for a long time and rupture.

Stage 4 eruption of lateral incisors

At 9-13 months, the lateral front teeth of your baby’s lower jaw will erupt, and at 10-16 months, the lateral front teeth of your baby’s upper jaw will erupt.Get used to solid foods.The lips and tongue can be moved freely and chewed up and down freely.Digestive function is also becoming mature.

In this stage, solid and hollow dental gel or soft silicone dental gel can be selected to reduce the pain caused by the eruption of lateral incisors and help enhance the development of baby’s teeth.Recommended for this stage of baby use:Silicone Owl Teether,Lovely Silicone Koala Teether Pendant.

Stage 5 milk molar

1-2 years old is the stage of baby long milk grinding teeth, with milk grinding teeth, the baby’s chewing ability is greatly improved, more like “chewy” food.In this stage should choose but entrance range is bigger, can touch the tooth gum of milk grind a tooth, massage milk grind a tooth, can reduce when giving a tooth, tooth flesh bilges painful.

silicone baby teether

Choose suitable silicone teether according to your baby’s ability

Train your baby to suck and swallow

Baby mainly depends on the tongue to suck at this time, also won’t swallow saliva, so the baby often drooling, as soon as possible in order to let the baby learn to swallow, can choose a few can help your baby learn to swallow the teeth, such as the pacifier shape or silicone teether with different decorative pattern, can not only train baby’s ability to swallow, also can massage the gums, promote the development.

Train baby to bite and chew

Out of the baby teeth, the baby will be different degrees of love on the bite, get what things are put into the mouth, it is time to train the baby bite, step by step, from soft to hard, get rid of the baby “eat neither soft or hard” habit, let the baby’s teeth more healthy.Can choose different pattern, soft and hard combination of silicone teether.

Train your baby’s cognitive ability

Babies are born to learn, to the world full of curiosity, to see what touch.For teething babies, choose silicone teether that have both toy and molar functions.

silicone teether necklace

A few tips for choosing silicone teether

Silicone teether are used when the baby is teething and can help exercise the gums.Use silicone braces when you find your baby has a tendency to bite.

Here are some tips for buying teether:

Check compliance with national safety inspection standards

The material is safe and non-toxic.

Do not choose with small objects, to avoid the baby swallowed by accident.

Make it easy for your baby to hold.

Usage and precautions of teether

Usage of teether:

It is recommended to choose two or more braces at the same time.

While one is in use, the other can be placed in the freezer layer to cool and set aside.

When cleaning, wash with warm water and edible grade cleaner, reoccupy clear water is rinsed, wipe with clean towel can.

Notes for use:

It can be put in the refrigerating layer of the refrigerator. Do not put it in the refrigerating layer. Please follow the instructions strictly.

Do not disinfect or clean with boiling water, steam, microwave oven, dishwasher.

Please check carefully before and after each use. If there is any damage, please stop using

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