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Finding a reliable wholesale supplier is essential if we want to do well in our business. Faced with a variety of options, we are always confused. Below are some practical tips for choosing a reliable wholesale baby dinnerware supplier.


Tip 1: Choose Chinese Wholesalers VS Non-Chinese Wholesalers

As China is the largest exporter of consumer goods, Chinese wholesalers account for the vast majority of global wholesalers. So I divided wholesalers into Chinese wholesalers and non-Chinese wholesalers, and listed their differences, advantages and disadvantages respectively.


Pros and Cons of Non-Chinese Wholesalers

Generally speaking, wholesalers in other countries are locals in a certain country and help buyers in their own countries to wholesale purchases from other Asian or Southeast Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, etc.

They usually have their own offices both in the country of purchase and in their home country. The team usually consists of several people, and they mainly serve some large buyers.



1. Local traders have easy access to these local wholesalers.

2. When choosing a local wholesaler, you don't have to worry about language or cultural barriers, making communication more efficient.

3. If you buy large orders, finding a local wholesaler will make you feel more reliable.



1.These purchasing agents mainly serve large customers and are not very friendly to some small businesses.

2.For large clients, their service commissions are higher.


Pros and Cons of Chinese Wholesalers

Chinese wholesalers serve much lower commissions or profits. In addition, they have more professional purchasing teams and richer Chinese supplier resources than non-Chinese wholesalers.

However, due to language differences, they may not be able to communicate with you as smoothly as your local agent. In addition, wholesalers in China's sourcing industry are mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish good wholesalers.



1. Low labor cost and low service fee

2. Chinese wholesalers can provide services to SMEs.

3. They have a better understanding of China's large supplier system.

4. They can offer lower product quotes through a more professional purchasing team.



1. language and cultural barriers

2. So many Chinese wholesalers are difficult to distinguish between good and bad



Tip 2: Choose a factory wholesaler that specializes in baby dinnerware industry


A reliable wholesaler of baby teether is preferably a factory, not a trading company. The baby tableware factory has complete production equipment and efficient employees, and can produce baby tableware in batches by itself. Multiple production lines can quickly increase the output of baby tableware, and only in this way can large-scale orders for baby tableware be completed.

And because it is a baby tableware direct selling factory, there is no multiple price difference in the middle, and it is easier to provide the best factory price. The larger the order, the lower the mass production cost of the product and the lower the unit price.


Tip 3: Ask the purchasing agent if they can provide satisfactory customer feedback

A good wholesaler that provides value will have many satisfied customers who will be happy and proud to give you satisfied customer feedback.

So you can look at what buying agents are best at: Are they good at finding the best price or checking products? Can they provide good service?


Tip 4: Choose a wholesaler with longer industry experience

Industry experience is an important factor you should consider. Wholesalers that are more than a few years old are more reliable than wholesale companies that have only been established for a few months.

In addition to being more comprehensive and rich in industry product knowledge, reliable wholesalers are also very capable in quality control, logistics and after-sales.

For example, Melikey is a reliable wholesale baby dinnerware factory that has been operating for more than 6 years, with more than 100 employees, and many long-term partners.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022