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Silicone teether cover, also known as molar rod, molar, tooth fixator, tooth training device, most of the safety of non-toxic silica gel made, some of the soft plastic made, shape of fruit, animals, pacifiers, cartoon characters and other designs, with the role of massage gums.

Through sucking and chewing gum, can promote the baby's eyes, hands coordination, thus promoting the development of intelligence.Theoretically, when a baby is frustrated, unhappy, sleepy or lonely, he or she can get psychological satisfaction and security by sucking on a pacifier and chewing gum.Silicone teether are suitable for use at the age of 6 months to 2 years.

silicone baby teether

Pay attention to the following points when buying:

1. You'd better buy it in a well-known baby and child product store.Or buy a brand of dental glue to ensure the safety of quality .

2. It is better to prepare more silicone teether for convenient replacement.Clean and disinfect after use.

3. Silicone teether are also toys for babies. In terms of color, shape and other aspects, they should be suitable for babies to play with.

4. If it is made of silica gel or rubber dental glue (silica gel and rubber products will generate static electricity, which is easy to absorb dust and bacteria), frequent disinfection is required.

5. Depending on environmental hygiene, it is recommended for families with poor hygiene conditions to adopt anti-falling gum to prevent the baby from picking up the gum and biting it after dropping it on the ground.


Teething baby will cry because of gum swelling, you can use a clean gauze wrapped a small piece of ice for the baby cold compress, cold feeling can temporarily relieve the discomfort of the gums.

TIP: you can also use gauze dipped in some cold water for the baby to wipe the gingiva, also has a certain relief effect.

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