Silicone bowl how to screen l Melikey

  Silicone bowl is food-grade silicones are odorless, non-porous and odorless, even if not dangerous in any way. Some strong food residues may be left on the silicone tableware, So we need to keep our silicone bowl clean. This article will teach you all about how to screen silicone bowl. 

 Why use a pipe screen?

   The most common pipe screen is made of metal mesh, cut into small circles, which can be bent to fit the inside of the bowl. Using a pipe filter can keep the pipe clean, but more importantly, it can prevent large stains from being pulled into your mouth.


 Different types of pipe screen

  There are two common materials for pipe networks: metal or glass. The metal pipe strainer is usually made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know exactly which metal the screen is made of, and it is difficult to ensure that the manufacturer is trustworthy.
  In addition, the wire mesh must be replaced regularly. Over time, the metal pipe screen will be coated with black resin and form holes. Despite these declines, metal screens are still very popular because they are cheap and easy to find.
The glass tube screen provides a better solution. Unlike metal screens, which must be replaced frequently and may be made of unsafe metal, glass screens are safe to use and can be used permanently. Although glass screens are not as cheap as metal screens, they are still affordable under any budget.


Tips on how to use the pipe screen

  The size of the metal pipe screen is different, usually 0.5 inch to 1 inch. Large bowls require a larger sieve. Since the metal screen has good ductility, you only need to press the mesh disc into the pipe until it is flush with the bottom of the bowl. Make sure the screen covers the hole. Metal and wooden pipes usually have holes on the sides, while glass bowls have holes on the bottom.
  Remember to clean the wire mesh frequently to avoid clogging and check the holes regularly. Do not overheat the wire mesh, as this will damage the wire mesh and may even release dangerous chemicals, depending on the metal. If you smoke regularly, we recommend replacing the metal tube filter every two weeks or a month.
  The glass screen is easy to use. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, just put the glass tube sieve on the hole of the bowl, and then put the tobacco on it. Please remember to remove and clean the glass screen frequently, and don't let it be covered with resin and get stuck. The easiest way to break the glass tube screen is to look around with a paperclip, because it disappears in a pile of resin.

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Post time: May-12-2021