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Babies around 6 months are often prone to drooling and knocking over food, and bibs play an important role at this time. Babies rely on baby bibs whether they sleep, play or eat. All Melikey customizable baby bibs are made of high quality silicone. Regular bibs work great and are a must for your nursery or school, but adding a few extras makes everything even cuter! We are happy to provide custom baby bibs for babies all over the world.


Plain and Custom Baby Bibs


Our baby bibs are divided into ordinary silicone baby bibs and custom silicone baby bibs. Our silicone baby bibs are made of high-quality silicone material, which is smooth, soft, comfortable and harmless to baby's sensitive skin. These silicone bibs have 4 adjustable sizes to the baby's neck and feature reinforced closure buttons. We offer baby bibs in more than 10 colors. These are great gifts to put in a baby gift basket or personalised with a newborn's name or initials. They are also a charming way to show off boy and girl twins and siblings. This budget-friendly baby bib can be bought wholesale to keep your business going, or just buy some personalized bibs as a gift of love.


Personalized custom baby silicone bib


Any custom silicone bib you choose will provide a unique branding element to your business and help expand your product offering in a baby boutique or online Etsy store. Durable silicone is perfect for custom silkscreen and thermal transfer printing. Customize your cotton baby bib any way you want! You can't get custom silicone baby accessories for this price in-store. Parents and siblings love to decorate their kids with precious themes, like a local sports team or a favorite band. Adding personal embellishments or text to your baby bib can showcase your creative and witty side and can be a treasured keepsake when your child grows up.

If you own a business, consider wholesale! Funny sayings, pop culture references and popular logos are all unique elements to add to a baby bib. A custom baby bib is a fun and practical product available at:



3.baby boutique


5.day care

6.sports event

7.childcare class

8.Doctor's Office + Hospital

9.Gift shop

Custom baby bibs are not only very useful, but can also be given as a kind of gift. Includes custom printing to add inside jokes or last names. Bibs are also a fun accessory to give away for free to customers and clients, whether after you're taking photos of your family or helping them buy a new home! Providing personalized gifts is a key way for customers to connect your business with quality and attention to detail.


Melikey customize your own silicone baby bibs


Melikey makes creating custom baby bibs easy, convenient and fun. Customized baby bibs are great as gifts, souvenirs or promotional items for events...and a customized corporate logo baby bib will boost your corporate branding and allow your customers to help you promote your brand. If you need help, our design team can help bring your ideas to life.

You can find custom baby bibs of your liking on our website. You can even provide us with your design, and we will help you through the customization process and provide you with professional product advice. Custom baby bibs wholesale with added cost benefits. Contact us now for a detailed custom silicone baby bib quote.

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