What are the tools for grinding teeth

“Ah ~ ~ ~” with your one scream, the baby began to bite!But how can you blame him for biting you when his gums are uncomfortable?Do not want to appear in the home again this kind of shriek, please prepare tooth grinding tool for the baby as soon as possible!What are the tools for grinding teeth?There are two main types:

The first kind: molar — Silicone teether

Silicone teether is a kind of tooth grinding toy specially designed for babies.Silicone teether is usually used before baby teeth sprout to meet the growth needs of different teeth. Some of them highlight grooves, while others massage the gums.But be careful when using:

1. Use silicone dental gel less than 6 times a day;

2. If your baby is still breast-feeding, avoid using these products before breast-feeding.Because silicone teether can paralyze a baby’s tongue, making it difficult for him or her to suckle, making it impossible for him or her to breastfeed normally.


baby teether biscuits

Second kind: grind tooth food

Grind tooth food while meeting baby grind tooth demand, can offer as food again delicious and nutrition.At present, the main products on the market are tooth grinding biscuits and tooth grinding sticks.

Grind tooth biscuit — rich flavor

In the selection of grinding biscuits to pay attention to, do not choose to add flavor or flavor too heavy biscuits, so as not to affect the taste of the baby culture.

Tooth grinding stick – all natural food

It can not only relieve gingival discomfort, strengthen gums, exercise baby’s ability to grasp and chew, but also supplement nutrition.It is perfect for babies who are beginning to sprout baby teeth.

Post time: Oct-09-2019
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