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By the time the baby is four months old, the baby’s gums will itch, so the baby always like to bite things, this is called grinding teeth.Baby grinding teeth can not be used just for grinding teeth, otherwise it may lead to eating a lot of dirty things, in fact, there are a lot of baby designed grinding teeth.Silicone teether is good for grinding teeth.


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Silicone teether is used to meet the needs of infants with itchy teeth.Through sucking and biting silicone teether, promote the baby mouth and hand coordination, not only to promote the growth of baby teeth, but also to promote the development of intelligence;The baby is frustrated not happy, tired to sleep or lonely lonely, but also by biting silicone teether to obtain psychological satisfaction and security.

Silicone teether can also reduce the discomfort of your baby’s gums during teething without harming your baby’s gums.Suggest that the mother to choose a brand quality and reputation for the baby are better silicone teether, so that it is safe to use.

Mothers should also choose different silicone teether according to their baby’s teething condition and age.


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In addition, pay attention to the use cycle of silicone teether and sanitation situation, more disinfection and cleaning, keep the baby’s hands clean;Mothers also check silicone teether from time to time, if there is a rupture and other conditions should be immediately replaced.

The molar bar is a kind of biscuit with moderate hardness, which can rub the gingival, promote the initiation of the baby teeth to grow in time, and chew the molar bar often, which can make the jawbone normal development and lay a good foundation for the healthy growth of the permanent teeth.Avoid baby to grab and bite other things, ensure safety and hygiene;There are many shapes and types of grinding sticks, such as finger shape and round cake shape, which can relieve gingival discomfort, strengthen gums and improve chewing ability.At the same time it still suits the healthy snack that darling eats, and now a lot of grind tooth stick integrated all sorts of vegetables and fruits, add a lot of nutrient such as vitamin, can let darling enjoy snack while compensatory nutrition.

If your baby is in the teething stage, it is time to grind teeth when the mother can choose the silicone teether described in this article, not only can supplement the baby needs nutrients, but also more hygienic and reliable, can let the baby successfully through the teething period.


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Post time: Oct-09-2019
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