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Most experts recommend introducing baby utensils between 10 and 12 months, because your almost toddler starts to show signs of interest. It's a good idea to let your child use a spoon from an early age. Usually babies will keep reaching for the spoon to let you know when they started. As his fine motor skills become more acute, he will be easier to use the fork. If you make the whole learning process more interesting, your child will eventually achieve greater success.

Signs of readiness

Generally speaking, most children can start using a spoon when they are around one year old. You can observe some of their body language to let you know that your child is ready to try the spoon.

Babies usually turn their heads and clamp their mouths to indicate that they are full. As they get older, babies and toddlers often exhibit the same behavior before meals. When giving them a spoonful of food, they may lose their temper or behave uninterested. In some cases, toddlers may even grab the spoon when it is close to their mouth. . If you notice that they don't seem to be interested in the spoon you are trying to feed them, it is likely that your child has just started to be interested in independent feeding.

Introducing the spoon

All children develop skills at their own pace. There is no set time or age, you should introduce the spoon to your toddler. Every child is unique, so don’t worry about whether your baby has successfully learned to use a spoon. They will get there eventually! When the size and shape of the tableware fits the hands of young children, it can make this process easier.

Provide soft food

Start by providing your child with thick food (rice, oatmeal) so that they can easily dip a spoon into the food. If your child has trouble picking up the spoon, please load the spoon yourself and return it to them. Over time, your child will understand this idea and follow in your footsteps, and finally know the benefits of self-feeding that this tool brings.
This is a messy but interesting process. Check out some rubber or silicone splash pads to make cleaning easier.

When a child starts to use utensils for the first time, the process can be messy.You can spread a towel or bed sheet under the high chair to make cleaning up easier. Even better is to use Melikey baby feeding products to keep clean. The child will slowly develop himself to feed and keep it clean, please be patient and guide.

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Post time: Oct-16-2021