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Cup Drinking

Learning to drink from a cup is a skill, and like all other skills, it takes time and practice to develop. However, whether you are using a baby cup as a substitute for a breast or bottle, or transitioning from a straw to a cup. Your child will learn that in addition to breastmilk or bottle, there is another way to make it easier for him to wean. It can also help your child master his oral muscles and develop his fine motor skills and coordination skills. If you have a plan and stick to it consistently, many babies will soon master this skill. Stay calm, supportive and patient while your baby is learning.

What age should a child drink from a cup?

6-9 months old is the ideal time for your baby to try drinking water from a cup. You can start feeding your baby the cup at the same time you feed him solid food, usually around 6 months. Your baby should show all the traditional signs of preparation in order to transition to solid food to start drinking cup exercises. If your baby is over 6 months old and is taking solid foods, we recommend that you start now. You can use a straw cup to do this, and even help your baby drink from an open cup. This is just practice-he will be able to use the straw cup alone at 1 year old and the open cup at around 18 months.

Which cup should I use for my baby?

Like most feeding therapists and swallowing specialists, we strongly recommend the use of open cups and straw cups. When choosing the right cup for your child, it usually depends on personal preference.
Some parents prefer a straw cup with a valve, no matter where it is, it can prevent the cup from overflowing. These cups require your baby to use a sucking motion to suck out the liquid, and most children are used to breasts or bottles. They can also keep your baby and everything around him clean. Remember, if you use these cups, you may need to do a second training when your child grows up and turns to cups without lids. When choosing an open cup, your baby may spill a drink at first, but health experts believe that these designs are more suitable for your baby's teeth. The open cup avoids the further transition from the bottle to the spout to the open cup.

Additional Tips

If your child is not interested in using cups, please don't force this question. Just place the cup and try again later. Remember, nothing in the cup at this time can replace the nutrition your child gets from elsewhere, so this is not a necessity. When you introduce the cup to your child, here are some additional tips to consider.

When you provide a cup, make sure your child sits upright to avoid suffocation. The straw cup can be used even if it is not upright, so encourage your child to sit and drink.
There is water for every meal and snack. Make water more interesting and interesting. Add sliced fruit or cucumber. Keep the contents of the cup nutritious. Don't add things that are not good for eating into your child's cup.
Remember, learning to use a cup requires practice just like any other skill. Don't get angry or punish your child for spills or accidents. Use stickers or the reward system to complete the water bottle. Don't use food rewards!

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Post time: Sep-29-2021