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When your baby starts eating, you need to make sure they have all the food. They may not know what's going on around them, or have no control over where those little limbs go, which can create a lot of confusion at mealtime! But for parents like us who are experiencing these issues, there are ways - we just take care of our kids patiently so in the end everything will be fine.

There are strategies to help your baby calm down and convince them to eat their food. On top of that, there are also silicone baby dinnerware for sale.

Baby silicone dinnerware is the perfect solution to messy meal times. Here are four reasons why you need to buy them:


They are safe for your baby

How are silicone feeding products different from those made of plastic or metal? Silicone is known to be a baby-safe material thanks to its food-grade and BPA-free properties. It doesn't release toxic chemicals at high temperatures, making it microwave and dishwasher safe. The silicone material is soft and won't hurt your baby's sensitive skin when using it.

Our silicone baby dinnerware has passed various safety product quality tests in the US and Europe. At Melikey, you can buy with confidence!


They prevent chaos.

Silicone baby tableware includes baby silicone suction bowl and plate. The suction cup design is very practical. The suction cup made of silicone can easily stick to the table surface, strong suction. This prevents your baby from accidentally knocking it over during feedings. All you need to do is press down on the plate until the air is released from below the suction.
You can even start teaching your child to eat independently. The silicone cutlery also includes a matching silicone spoon and fork that even small children can easily grasp.

They are easy to clean

Ease of cleaning is undoubtedly the greatest comfort to parents. Simply rinse the silicone baby tableware with soapy warm water after use. Dishwasher safe too. Moreover, it is not easy for babies to get dirty when they wear silicone bibs, and they no longer need to change the baby's clothes frequently, which reduces the trouble of throwing a lot of dirty clothes into the washing machine.


They have different styles.

Does your child have a favorite color? The leading manufacturer of silicone baby dinnerware offers a wide range of shades! You can choose from pink, mint, dusty blue, mango and more to entice your child to eat right.

Want to make your child look more stylish? The silicone baby dinnerware factory provides customized service, various logos, names, portraits, patterns can appear on the silicone baby dinnerware. Make your child's meal enjoyable.


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