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Food-grade silicone is waterproof, light in weight, easy to clean, safe and non-toxic. It is now used in the kitchen and various baby feeding products, such as bibs, plates, bowls and so on.

We love silicone bibs. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and it becomes easier to use meals. When you have a silicone feeding bib, your baby's meal time will be more enjoyable and relaxed.


BPA Free

Food-grade silicone is a BPA-free material, so you don't have to worry about exposing your kids to any harmful chemicals like phthalates, lead, cadmium or metals. These eco-friendly products are not made of plastic, so they are safe to use with hot or cold food. Also, silicone is a soft material that won't hurt your baby's neck.


Are silicone bibs safe?


Our silicone bibs are made of 100% food grade FDA approved silicone. Our silicones are free of BPA, phthalates and other crude chemicals. 

Silicone is chewy and safe. Because silicone doesn't promote bacterial growth and is BPA-free, it's an ideal bib material for kids who may be teething or just enjoy chewing on everything.


Why choose silicone bib?


Silicone is a natural material. It has flexibility, softness, heat resistance, cold resistance, stain resistance, and is easy to clean.

In addition, the bib can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the waterproof silicone bib only needs to be wiped lightly after rinsing.

best silicone bibs waterproof for toddlers, this is an excellent choice.


Are silicone bibs recyclable?


Silicone is a natural organic material, non-toxic, non-polluting, and completely recyclable.

But we encourage customers to bring used bibs to a friend who has a newborn baby, because reuse is better than recycling.

The bib is not only safe but also environmentally friendly.


What is the best baby silicone bib?


The material of the silicone baby bib must be food-grade silicone that meets the FDA testing standards to be qualified.

Our silicone bibs can be adjusted in size by buttons to fit the child’s neck.

At the same time, our baby feeding bibs are reinforced buckles and will not be pulled apart by force.

Most importantly, the outstanding feature of our baby food catcher bib is the all-inclusive pocket.

It is very strong, has a large opening, and unlike other bibs, it can capture most of the food that does not enter the baby's mouth.


Can silicone bibs have patterns?


Our silicone bibs can be printed with a variety of fashionable and beautiful patterns, such as cute animals, colorful fruits, name LOGO...

we can also customize the color you like, and more styles of silicone bibs can be Provided for you.


Waterproof Silicone bibs are our pride. More Wholesale baby tableware will be matched with bibs as a good bib set for baby meals.



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