Baby drool gushing 4 easy solution

By the time your baby is four months old, many mothers will notice drooling.Saliva can be on your mouth, cheeks, hands and even clothes all the time.Drooling is actually a good thing, proving that babies are no longer in the neonatal stage, but have moved on to a new stage of growth and development.

However, if the baby saliva flooding, the mother will pay attention to appropriate care of the baby, avoid saliva on the baby's delicate skin stimulation, cause saliva rash.So, it's time for mothers to learn how to deal with a baby's constant drooling at this particular time.

1. Wipe your saliva immediately.

If baby's saliva stays on the skin for a long time, it will erode the skin even after air drying.The baby's skin itself is very delicate, very easy to become red and dry, even a rash, is commonly known as "saliva rash".Mothers can use a soft handkerchief or baby's special wet and dry towel to wipe the baby's saliva and keep the mouth corners and surrounding skin dry.

2. Take care of the skin soaked in oral water.

In order to prevent the baby's skin from getting red, dry and rash after being "invaded" by saliva, mothers can apply a thin layer of baby's soaked saliva cream to relieve the discomfort caused by saliva on the skin after wiping the baby's saliva.

3. Use a spit towel or bib.

To prevent drool contaminating your baby's clothes, mothers can give their baby a drool towel or bib.There are some triangle saliva towel on the market, fashionable and lovely modeling, can not only add adorable dress for the baby, but also for the baby to absorb dry flow of saliva, keep clothes clean, kill two birds with one stone.

4. Let your baby grind his teeth properly -- silicone baby teether.

Many half - year - old babies drool more, most because of the need to grow small baby teeth.The appearance of baby teeth causes swollen and itchy gums, which in turn causes increased saliva.Mothers can prepare teether silicone for the baby, so that the baby can bite the baby to promote the emergence of baby teeth. Once the baby teeth sprout, the drooling will be alleviated.

Drooling is a natural part of every baby's development, and after the age of one, as their development progresses, they control their drooling.However, before the age of one, mothers need to take good care of their babies and use these tips to help them ease through this special period.

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Post time: Aug-26-2019