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Children are always prone to knocking over food during meals, causing confusion. Therefore, parents should find the most suitable baby feeding bowl for your kid and understand materials such as durability, suction effect, bamboo and silicone.

Here are some of our top picks for silicone baby bowls for babies and toddlers.


Baby food bowl

Suction bowls and plates are all the rage in the diet of infants and young children, and this is for good reason. Silicone suction cups like this baby bowl (and many other suction cups on this list) secure the bowl to the table or high chair tray, which means that the food stays where it should be-not the entire floor. The edge of the baby sucker is designed to be splash-proof, and since it is made entirely of FDA-approved silicone, it should remain stain-free and look beautiful during all stages of your child's eating.


Price: 2.5 USD per piece 


Additional Specs

Size: 12*8.5*5cm

Weight: 145g



Baby feeding bowl

This is my absolute favorite dinnerware pick. Cute and stylish design, square baby bowl. This baby sucker bowl set is soft, flexible, durable and unbreakable. It helps you transition your baby who is starting eating first. This allows parents to spend more time interacting with their children without wasting time to wash. The silicone bowl has a large suction cup at the bottom, allowing the bowl to stick firmly to most high chairs or any flat surface, so that the meal time will not be messy. Food-grade silicone can withstand low and high temperatures, and easily transition from refrigerator or freezer to oven or microwave.


Price: 2.5 USD per piece 


Additional Specs

Size: 12*6*5cm

Weight: 121g


Baby feeding bowl set

Baby Wooden Bowl and Spoon Gift - for Baby`s first meals! All natural wood bowl finished and seasoned with an organic food safe beeswax. You can easily mash organic cooked and raw food right in the bowl for healthy eating. Silicone on the bottom The suction cup has strong suction power, and the fixed bowl will not be knocked over or moved on the table and chair. The suction cup is detachable and easy to clean separately.


Price: 3.5 USD per piece 


Additional Specs

Size: 11*10*6cm

Weight: 115g


Baby feeding bowl and spoon

-Food-grade silicone straws can prevent overflow, overturning and throwing of weaned babies. Fix the bowl in place
-100% organic bamboo and food-grade silicone protect your children from BPA, phthalates and other toxins
-Heat-resistant bamboo can withstand up to 400 degrees of heat, so don’t worry about cooking hot soup or porridge
-Removable suction cup silicone allows you to convert the bowl to regular use when your child grows up
-Approved by the most stringent regulatory SGS and all other food safety requirements
-Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use


Price: 7.5 USD per set ( with a spoon)


Additional Specs

Size: 11*10*6cm

Weight: 115g


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Post time: Aug-20-2021