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Pacifiers are the most elusive product our babies can own because they can disappear without a trace. And pacifier clips make our lives so much easier. But we still had to make sure the clip was thoroughly sterilized in case our baby tried to put it in his mouth. With the right technique and materials, you'll be able to wash them in no time.

At Melikey, many of the products we offer are made from 100% food grade silicone, which means they are simple and easy to clean.
Given our current situation, we think it's important to introduce you to several silicone pacifier clip cleaning procedures to keep your baby safe and healthy while using our products. Regardless, cleanliness and safety are our top priorities.


Mild soap and warm water

Simply clean your silicone pacifier clips with mild soap and warm water. You can wash your hands with a clean towel/rag or mild soap. This is a good time to check the clip to make sure nothing is damaged. Blot up most of the remaining water with a towel, and be sure to wipe off the metal clips.
Place the cleaned clip on a towel, leave the metal clip open and let the pacifier clip air dry completely. Do not soak the pacifier clip in water.


Sanitize in Boiling Water

A second way to clean silicone pacifier clip products is to sterilize them in boiling water on the stovetop for three minutes. This method is only available for all silicone one-piece soother chains.


boil water
Place your Silicone Pacifier Clip product in boiling water
Set a timer for 3 minutes to sanitize your SIliocne Pacifier Clip products
Carefully remove product from water and allow to cool and dry
Although daily boiling is not required, we recommend that you boil the Silicone Pacifier Clip before first use. Sterilizing in boiling water ensures that all germs and bacteria are removed and the product is well sanitized and ready for use.


**Remember: do not put your Silicone Pacifier Clips in a dishwasher, dryer, or microwave to clean and/or sanitize.



Therefore, the general method of cleaning the pacifier clip is: rinse with mild soapy water.

The Melikey Silicone Pacifier Clip attaches to all pacifiers as well as teethers, toys, sippy cups, snack containers, blankets, or anything that has holes in which you can punch holes.

Parents on the go can hang their kids' favorite things on their clothes, bibs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings and more. Pacifier Clips help keep your child's favorite items close by and keep them from dropping to the floor or falling and getting lost.

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