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  Everyone knows that babies need bibs. However, it is not possible to realize the necessity of  baby bibs until you really step into the road of parents. You can easily travel for several days, and different activities require specific types of bibs. We have to choose the bib that is most suitable for our children and use it safely. Here are some things to know about bibs.

Is it safe to put a bib on a baby when sleeping ?

This is dangerous. The baby may have difficulty breathing because of the bib covering himself while sleeping, and finally suffocate and die. Before going to bed, you should take off your bib and headscarf, and make sure that the baby's head is not covered.

What can you do to stop baby from pulling off bib ?

It can distract the baby by clapping or playing. Maybe the child pull off the bib just because he has grown up, and he will get used to not wearing it.


what are the benefits of using a baby bib?

Babies create all kinds of confusion when they eat. For every mother, the biggest worry or challenge is to feed the child without messing up the baby's clothes. In order to make it easier than you think, baby bibs have become a basic necessity for feeding children. Baby bibs can keep children clean, and all types of bibs are also very easy to clean. At the same time, it is easy to carry and convenient to enter and exit various places and travel. It is a perfect gift for newborns.


There is no doubt that the market is flooded with countless baby bib options, but it all depends on whether you want to choose a wise choice. A high-quality soft silicone baby bib should always be used to ensure better safety of the baby's skin.

Say goodbye to the baby's half-food spills and days on the floor or high chair! Our all-round silicone bib helps prevent accidental spills.

The smooth surface is stain resistant and does not absorb water. Just wipe it with a little soap and water or put it in the dishwasher-it won't dry as long as a cloth bib.

The silicone bib is made of top food grade BPA and PVC-free silicone. The super soft and lightweight material makes the baby feel more comfortable than other brands, and can be rolled up for easy carrying.

Every little guy is a creator of chaos when eating. The opening of our silicone bib is wider and deeper than other brands, which can effectively catch any stray food and liquids dropped by the baby. These keep your baby's cute costumes clean and make meal time so easy!

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Post time: Mar-03-2021