Silicone products custom processing, must pay attention to a few problems!

In 2018, with the journey of various concepts and ideas, we found that customized development of silicone products has become the norm.

At present more and more people purchasing people not use mould processing production, others did not with the price of the product is not only will make do with, but need to have our own concept design, so the silicone products customized has spread to any geographical and product, more and more people want to customize a product processing;

However, one of the problems of pure in is that as a layman, there is a lack of early development and design of silicone rubber, so for the design of a product you want to pay attention to what problems, how many people will know?

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Firstly, the core of developing and designing a product lies in the structure of the product. After the design of drawing copy number, multiple reviews are needed to check whether the product meets the standards.

If you are really not sure about the product design, in order to avoid changing the mold structure, you can open a set of model mold to reduce the risk, and make the hand plate after confirmation and confirmation before starting the production of bulk mold;

For mold processing, mold size can be selected according to product requirements. If the quantity delivery time cannot meet the requirements, we can choose to develop more holes.

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In addition to the customized structure of the product, it is very important to determine whether the product’s hardness and softness can meet your desired effect. Different hardness and softness can achieve different effects.

In addition, it is very important for the raw material selection of products, you can choose raw materials with different tensile resilience and purity!

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On the other hand, of course, you need a way to budget your own costs;

For silicone products manufacturers can calculate the unit price of different products, and you also estimate the approximate price of the product!

For the accounting price you need to understand the market price of raw materials and your product weight, in that the actual production situation of silicone manufacturers combined with the product price of raw materials to calculate the product cost price!

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In addition to the above problems, in the customized processing of silicone products, we still need to understand the defects of the products and the reasons for the defects, such as the products are not ripe and burst edge and other factors;

And find out the bad factors of the product and the standard of the product within the controllable range to ask the supplier, can greatly reduce the loss of both sides!

Post time: Sep-11-2019
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