Silicone teether appease-Why does darling grow tooth to be able to cry

silicone baby teether

Almost every treasure mother will report, in the baby long teeth when the mood is very unstable, very love to cry.Therefore, when the baby teeth, treasure mother will be particularly tired, during the day to think of ways to coax the baby, can not sleep well at night.Even if treasure mother again how hard, the baby still cry, that why the baby long tooth can cry?

Baby long tooth can cry is very normal, because the baby does not have expression ability, cannot communicate with treasure mother with language.When the baby teething when the gums will be very uncomfortable, can only be expressed through crying.At the end of the day baby long teeth cry or because of gum discomfort, so treasure mother want to find a way to help the baby relieve this discomfort, as long as the gum comfortable, the baby will not cry.

At this time, the best way to relieve baby gum discomfort is silicone teether, baby bite silicone teether, gum itch, swelling and other discomfort will be relieved.But treasure mother to pay attention to the health of silicone teether, must be regular disinfection and cleaning, to avoid breeding bacteria, affect the baby’s oral health.

In the baby’s upper teeth, in addition to crying, there will be drooling symptoms.In order not to let the baby’s chin and neck long saliva rash, bao ma must give the baby pad a bib.And want to assure bib clean and cool, must give darling change bib in time, and clean in time air is basked in.


Post time: Oct-23-2019
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