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Baby feeding sets are a must-have for parents when baby feeding is a mess. The baby feeding set also trains the baby's self-feeding ability. Baby feeding set includes: baby silicone plate and bowl, baby fork and spoon, baby bib, baby cup.


Are you looking for the perfect replacement for plastic or steel appliances? Available in a variety of materials including rubber, wood and glass. But there's a reason silicone chewables should be on your list.

What makes silicone baby feeding set the best feeding product for babies or toddlers? Learn about their benefits here:


They are environmentally friendly.

A concern when using plastic utensils is their impact on the environment. Plastic products often end up in landfills, or worse, the ocean. They destroy marine life and release toxic chemicals like BPS.

The baby silicone tableware does not produce toxic substances and unpleasant odors. They are durable and reusable, preventing you from creating unnecessary waste. In addition, they are recyclable and do not release harmful substances when incinerated.


They are baby safe.

The safety of young children is paramount, especially when putting anything in their mouths. Fortunately, silicone baby feeding sets are completely safe for your baby.

High quality silicone baby feeding set is made of 100% food grade and BPA free material. Additionally, silicones are known to be hypoallergenic and have no open pores that can attract bacteria. They are also heat resistant. You can put them in the microwave or dishwasher with no problem.


They are easy to clean.

As a parent, you already have enough to worry about when it comes to feeding your baby. There's a mess to clean, a baby to look after, and a bunch of dishes to wash. Make it easier for yourself with silicone cutlery. They're stain-resistant, odorless, and put in the dishwasher quickly.


They are soft and durable.

The silicone material is soft, even if the baby feeding set is used to feed the baby's mouth, there is no need to worry about hurting the baby's mouth and contacting the skin.

Silicone baby feeding sets are very durable and can be passed on to the next generation if not damaged.


They have strong suction cups

Baby-led weaning is a real mess, but we've noticed that if the baby has a bowl or plate in front of it, there's less mess on the floor than just a tray.

Tray-only babies tend to slide food from side to side and end up with all the food on the floor. But with separate silicone pans, they can easily scoop food into their mouths, reducing cleaning efforts on the floor.

Usually the silicone dinner plates and bowls of the silicone baby set have strong suction cups at the bottom to prevent confusion in the baby's diet. The strong suction cups can fix the cutlery on the table, it will not move easily, and the baby can even play while eating.

Melikey cutlery has great suction technology so they won't be able to throw away plates and bowls!


They Introduce the different types of food

The separate silicone plates are a visual reminder to moms that we need to put various foods on the silicone plates and then it will become a habit.

The best way is to serve 2-3 different foods throughout the day. It doesn't have to be a completely different food, you can always safely repurpose food or add some leftovers.


Introducing food to your baby in a fun setting makes them think eating is a fun activity (less likely to be picky eaters).

Meal times are supposed to be fun, and the Melikey Baby Feeding Set does just that. Our Smiling Dinosaur and Elephant Silicone Plates and Bowls are sure to keep your baby excited when they eat PLUS it comes in different bright colors.

Our baby tableware designs can be easily arranged to create food art for your baby and get them more involved in eating. A happy baby means a happy family.




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