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Melikey wholesale baby silicone plate set in exquisite boxes, best factory price.  We support custom baby silicone plate, we will provide customize logo, color, package and product design.  We have several professional design teams, and we have more than 10 years experience in custom baby silicone feeding products.

Silicone Baby Feeding Set – Our baby silicone plate set include 1 silicone baby suction bowl, 1 dinner plate, 1 suction cup baby bowl, 1 bib with food collector, 1 baby spoon and 1 fork. These high quality solid color baby weaners will help your child learn to feed themselves.

SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – Our toddler feeding products are made from 100% food grade silicone and are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead. Silicone is soft and safe.

Powerful suction and reduced clutter – The large suction cup base helps bowls and dishes attach securely to any smooth surface, including high chair trays, where baby is difficult to move. The waterproof silicone bib has a large pocket, perfect for picking up food. This kids cutlery set lets your baby eating on their own without worrying that they’ll make a mess on the floor or drop a plate.

EASY TO USE – Perfectly sized and designed to help you eat. Spoons and forks are chewy and easy to grip. The compartment plate has 4 sections to separate food for balanced nutrition. This grill cover protects food from dust and locks in freshness.

EASY TO CLEAN – This toddler cutlery set is super easy to clean with a quick rinse or in the dishwasher.

  • Name: Elephant Baby Plate And Bowl Set
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone
  • Color: 6 colors
  • Feature: BPA Free
  • Packing: opp bag
  • MOQ: 20 pcs per color
  • Unit Price: USD 2.5~6.2
  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable
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    Baby Feeding Set Toddler Plate Bowl with Suction Adjustable Silicone Bib

    Melikey Complete Baby Silicone Feeding Set contains everything you and your child may need during mealtimes. Our range of premium 5-in-1 toddler feeding supplies includes 1 adjustable bib, 1 baby bowl for easy feeding, 1 divider plate, 1 baby spoon and 1 baby fork. Cute elephant animal shape. With our luxury feeding set, your baby will have the highest quality feeding set to develop their self-feeding abilities. The perfect size for babies and designed to aid self-feeding. We wholesale baby feeding kits and provide OEM/ODM services. Support customized products, LOGO, color, packaging, etc.

    Product Description
    Product Name
    Silicone Plate Feeding Set
    Food Grade Silicone
    6 colors
    BPA Free
    opp bag

    Product Feature

    1.Complete feeding baby set: This set includes 1 elephant suction silicone baby plate, 1 elephant bowl, 1 adjustable bib, 1 spoon and 1 fork.
    2.Easy to clean: This silicone plate set is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Made of 100% food grade silicone, every piece is easy to wipe, clean and keep hygienic.
    3.Suction Cups: Adorable silicone elephant-shaped baby plates and bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe. Convenient for washing up or storing leftovers in the refrigerator for later.
    4.Silicone Bib: The waterproof silicone bib contains a large pocket that stays open, which means no more over-washing or damaging clothes.
    5.Soft Spoons and Forks: Soft silicone spoons and forks protect your baby's mouth and help them learn to feed safely.



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    silicone tableware baby

    Silicone Baby Plate

    Our silicone baby plates are designed to satisfy small appetites and active eaters! Made of 100% food grade silicone, our baby feeding tray has a wide suction cup base that sticks securely to flat surfaces. It's easy for adults to remove by lifting the tab, but difficult for small children to toss or tip over. If they do fall, they are unbreakable! The suction cups adhere to almost any surface, such as plastic, glass, metal, stone, and sealed wooden surfaces. Make sure the surface is non-porous, clean and free of debris, food or dirt. Easy to clean and perfect for use at home or on the go.


    Are Silicone Sheets Safe For Babies?

    FDA-approved non-toxic food-grade silicone is safe because it does not contain any chemical by-products. Silicone is a soft and stretchy material that is a convenient alternative to plastic. The plate made of silicone will not break into several pieces when dropped, which is safe for your baby.

    Not sure where to start serving the first food on your plate? There are no hard and fast rules. Babies reach developmental milestones at different times. But when they're ready, remember that making a mess is part of a self-feeding baby. Touching, smearing and smearing food with their hands helps their sensory development, develops fine motor skills, and gives them the freedom to explore and identify new textures and flavors and food combinations. However, placing food directly on the highchair tray will most likely cause them to slide from side to side, with most of the food ending up on them or on the floor. Start babies with a border—such as a plate or bowl with high sides—so they can scoop up new food against the edge of the plate. The deep plate also helps keep the sauce and food like peas!


    Are Silicone Baby Plates Microwave Safe?

    Like our other silicone baby feeding ranges, our silicone sheets are suitable for use in refrigerators, microwaves and ovens (up to 440°F). You can heat food and serve it directly to your child without having to make a ton of extra dishes for yourself. Be sure to check that the plate and food are cool enough for your baby.

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  • 1.What age baby needs a dinner plate?

    Babies usually don’t need their own bowls or plates until they start feeding themselves, then it’s best to buy an unbreakable divider sucker. Until then, you can use a regular plate or bowl (you’ll want to keep it out of the baby’s reach).


    2.Why divide toddler plates?

    Toddler plates are divided to separate different foods and help your toddler feed him or herself more easily by using the walls of the dividers to scoop food onto the utensils.


    3.When should babies start using utensils?

    Babies typically start using utensils around 6 months of age (some months after the introduction of solid foods, some maybe a few months later). The transition from milk to solid foods is an important milestone, as is developing hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination to use utensils. Baby cutlery is also an easy and affordable gift option to add to your registry wish list.


    4.How do you choose the best dinnerware?

    Identify the features that matter most to you, then pick your favorite styles and colors from premium brands you trust. Remember, what usually makes a project great is its ease of use. Our silicone tableware is easy to clean and saves a lot of cleaning time.


    5. Why do babies have silicone plates?

    Baby plates help your baby feed easily.  1. Divided Design, Rich Food.  2.  Plates Minimize Mess  3. Motor Skill Development  4. Make Food Fun

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    6. Is silicone bowl good for babies?

    Silicone does not contain any BPA, making it a safer choice than plastic bowls or plates. Silicone is soft and elastic. Silicone is a very soft material, bowls and plates made of silicone will not shatter into several sharp pieces when dropped and are safe for your child.


    7. Which plate is best for baby?

    In order to determine the best dinner plate, each product has been side-by-side comparison and hands-on testing to evaluate materials, ease of cleaning, suction power, and more. 

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    8. Can you put baby silicone plate in microwave?

     Food grade silicone does not contain petroleum-based chemicals, BPA, BPS or fillers. It is safe to store food in the microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher. Over time, it will not leak, decompose or degrade.

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    It’s safe. Beads and teethers are entirely made of the high quality non-toxic, food grade BPA free silicone, and approved by FDA, AS/NZS ISO8124, LFGB, CPSIA, CPSC, PRO 65, EN71, EU1935/ 2004. We put the safety in the first place.

    Well designed. Designed to stimulate baby’s visual motor and sensory skills. Baby picks up vibrantly colored shapes-tastes and feels it-all the while enhancing hand-to-mouth coordination through play. Teethers are Excellent Training Toys. Effective for the front middle and back teeth. Multi-colors make this one of the best baby gifts and infant toys. Teether is made of one solid piece of silicone. Zero chocking hazard. Easily attach to a pacifier clip to offer baby quick and easy access but if they fall Teethers, clean effortlessly with soap and water.

    Applied for patent. They are mostly designed by our talented design team, and applied for patent, so you can sale them with no intellectual property dispute.

    Factory Wholesale. We are manufacturer from China, complete industry chain in China reduces production cost and helps you save money in these nice products.

    Customised services. Customised design, logo, package, colour are welcome. We have excellent design team and prodution team to meet your custom requests. And our products are popular in Europe, North America and Autralia. They are approved by more and more customers in the world.

    Melikey is loyal to the belief that it’s love to make a better life for our children, to help them enjoy a colourful lifetime with us. It’s our honor to be believed!

    Huizhou Melikey Silicone Product Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of silicone products. We focus on silicone products in houseware, kitchenware, baby toys, outdoor, beauty, etc.

    Was established in 2016, Before this company, we mainly did silicone mould for OEM Project.

    The material of our product is 100%BPA free food grade silicone. It is totallynon-toxic, and approved by FDA/ SGS/LFGB/CE. It can be easily cleaned with mild soap or water.

    We are new in International trading business, but we have more than 10 years’ experience in making silicone mould and produce silicone products. Until 2019, we have expanded to 3 sales team, 5 sets of small silicone machine and 6 sets of big silicone machine.

    We pay high attention to the quality of silicone products. Each product will have 3 times quality inspection by QC department before packing.

    Our sales team, designing team, marketing team and all assemble line workers will do our best to support you!

    Custom order and color are welcome. We have over 10 years’ experience in producing silicone teething necklace, silicone baby teether, silicone pacifier holder, silicone teething beads, etc.

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