What’s The Best Teething Product For Babies

When your baby arrives at the teething stage, the gums will feel painful or itchy.To help their babies get through teething, some mothers choose to use baby teethers.

But there are some mothers who know little or nothing about teether and have never heard of it.So, what is teether?When to use teether?What do you need to pay attention to when buying teether?What does teether need to pay attention to?


Best Organic Teethers

What is teethers

Colloquially speaking, teethers can also be called a molar, a dental drill, suitable for the use of infants in the teething stage.The baby can relieve gum pain or itching by biting and sucking on gum.

In addition, it can cultivate the ability of teeth bite, strengthen teeth, and bring a sense of security to the baby.

Teethers is mainly designed for children between 6 months and 2 years old. It is generally cute in shape, such as cartoon and food. It is made of environment-friendly, non-toxic and safe materials.


Safe Toys For Babies To Chew On

The function of teethers

1. Relieve teething discomfort

When the baby starts to grow teeth, the gums will be very uncomfortable, not suitable for the tooth growth process.When your baby’s gums are itchy, use gum to grind your teeth and relieve the discomfort of your baby’s gums.

2. Massage baby’s gums

Gum is usually made of silica gel. It is soft and does not hurt the gums. It can also help to massage the gums.When a baby bites or sucks, it helps to stimulate gums and promote the growth of baby teeth.

3. Prevent gnawing

During teething, the baby cannot help but want to bite. Chewing gum can prevent the baby from grabbing objects around him and putting them into his mouth to bite or suck, so as to avoid biting dangerous or unsanitary objects.

4. Promote your baby’s brain development

When your baby puts gum in his mouth, this process exercises the coordination of his hands, eyes and brain, which helps promote his intellectual development.By chewing gum, your baby will be able to exercise his sensory abilities on his lips and tongue and stimulate brain cells again.

5. Comfort your baby

When the baby has some negative emotions, such as restlessness and restlessness, dental gum can help the baby distract his attention, soothe his emotions, and help the baby to get satisfaction and sense of security.

6. Train your baby’s ability to shut up

Your baby will put gum in his mouth to bite, which can exercise his ability to open and close his mouth, and train his lips to close naturally.


Unique Baby Teethers

The type of teethers

According to the different stages of the baby’s tooth growth, the company has launched products with different effects.Some dental gum surface uneven, grinding teeth more efficacy;Some gum cold and soft, massage soothing effect;There are even gums that give off baby’s favorite smells, like fruit or milk.

1. The pacifier

The shape of the nipple gum is roughly the same as that of the pacifier.But pacifier easy to let the baby form a habit, long-term use is easy to rely on.But the pacifier tooth glue does not appear such the situation, its weight is light, the volume is small, the convenience baby grasps.Pacifier is very soft, the baby in the bite can play a massage role.Baby can choose this gum to stimulate the growth of baby teeth.

2. Type

When used, it can make a sound and attract the baby’s attention, thus making the baby relax and forget the discomfort caused by the growth of teeth.At the same time, the soft material can help the baby to massage the gums and make the teeth grow better.Vocal gums are suitable for the entire teething phase.

3. Fall-proof

There’s a ribbon with a button on it that can be clipped to your baby’s clothes.The main purpose is to prevent the baby will drop dental glue on the ground, causing bacterial dust and other contamination, virus bacteria into the body.This gum is suitable for the whole teething process.

4. Glue water

This kind of product is made of special gelatine material, which does not solidify after freezing and remains soft.Bingbing cold water glue in the baby bite can play analgesic effect, relieve gum discomfort.At the same time, it can also play the role of massage gums and fixed teeth, so it is suitable for the whole stage of teething baby.


Baby Teething Products

When to use teethers

Generally, when your baby is four months old, he will start to grow baby teeth.

Some baby teeth earlier, more than three months began to grow teeth, some baby later, to October big teeth began to develop, are normal phenomena.Mothers should choose gum to help their baby through the budding period.

In addition to teething time, different babies have different teething conditions.Some baby teeth before the gums will start to itch, some baby teeth when the teeth are very uncomfortable, some baby first grow the upper teeth, some baby first grow the lower teeth.

Mothers usually pay more attention to the baby, if the baby has signs of teething discomfort, you can start to prepare gum for your baby.


Good Chew Toys

Tips for buying teethers

Dental gum is used by the baby to bite, put in the mouth of the goods, purchase need to be carefully selected, a good observation, in order to prevent the purchase of inferior products endanger the health of the baby.Pay attention to the following:

1. It is suggested to choose a good dental gum brand with guaranteed quality and good reputation.Can go famous maternal and child inn is bought, not only commodity kind is much, quality also has safeguard relatively, buy the product with fake and shoddy in case.

2. Buy more to replace.Baby’s hands are small, unstable grasp will make dental glue fall off, more than a few dental glue convenient for baby to change.

3. Generally choose silica gel or environmentally friendly EVA dental gum.These two materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and soft and elastic.However, silicone materials are prone to generate static electricity and attract bacteria, which needs to be cleaned regularly.And the tooth gum of EVA material won’t produce static electricity, mom can buy according to demand.

4. Choose interesting dental gum.Babies have a strong desire to explore colors and shapes, and interesting products can attract their attention.Such as three-dimensional small animal dental glue, colorful cartoon dental glue, etc., to meet the physical and mental needs of the baby.

5. The family with insufficient cleaning degree had better choose anti-falling dental glue to prevent it from falling contaminated with bacteria and other dirty things, causing physical discomfort of the baby.


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Use of teethers at all ages

Different age groups of baby teeth growth is not consistent, so the use of dental glue is not consistent.Teething can be divided into the following four stages:

1. The teething phase

At this time, baby teeth have not yet grown out, in the embryonic stage.At this time, the baby’s gum is prone to itching and other uncomfortable reactions, the main role of dental glue is to relieve the baby’s symptoms.Mom can chill the gum to lower its temperature and soothe better.Can choose ring tooth glue, facilitate the child to grasp.

2.6 months

Most baby’s middle cut teeth in the lower jaw have already grown out at this stage, so there are many choices at this time. After freezing, the water glue can relieve the abnormal feeling of the gums and massage the newly grown teeth.Choose uneven surface products, can promote baby brain development;Choosing a harder product will help you massage your gums better and stimulate tooth growth.

3. Top and bottom four teeth grow out

When your baby’s top and bottom four front teeth and side canine teeth grow out, choose a product with two different sides, soft and hard.The size and shape should be suitable for the baby’s grasp, and if the product is cute and bright in color, the child will play with it as a toy.Usually can also be put in the refrigerator, when out, so use up more comfortable and convenient.

4.1 2 years old

At this time the baby’s teeth have grown a lot, so solid teeth protection is the key.It is recommended to choose the gum with the function of fixing teeth. The style should be interesting to distract the baby’s attention and make them forget about the discomfort of teeth.Clean gum can be stored in the refrigerator.


Top Teething Toys For Babies

What does teethers need to pay attention to

1. Don’t wrap fall-proof gum around your neck.Drop – proof gum is hung around your baby’s neck to prevent it from falling to the floor.But the adult must not wrap the tooth glue tape around the baby’s neck, in case strangles to the baby, has the accident.

2. Choose the gum suitable for your baby according to his teething condition. With the growth of his age, the size and style of gum should be adjusted accordingly, and choose the product that your baby likes best and most suitable.

3. Clean the dental gum regularly. Silicone materials are prone to generate static electricity and are contaminated with more dust and germs.Always check the quality of dental gum. Do not use damaged or aged gums on your baby.

4. Pay attention to the quality of products when buying, for example, if you buy inferior products, it is easy to endanger the health of babies.

5. Mom keeps a few clean gums for a rainy day.Take your baby out remember to keep a clean gum in your bag to prevent your baby’s gums from crying.

6. Ice and gauze are also needed.When the baby emotional crying, do not want to use gum, you can use a clean gauze wrap ice, on the baby’s gums for a short time.You can also moisten a gauze cloth with cold water and gently rub it on your child.

Cleaning and care of teether

After the use of dental glue should be cleaned and disinfected in time for the next use.General cleaning care gums, there are the following points to note:

1. Read the instructions carefully before use, and the cleaning methods are different with different materials.If some dental glue is not suitable for high temperature cooking, or put into the refrigerator, or use disinfection machine disinfection, be sure to follow the instructions to operate, otherwise it will damage the dental glue.

2. Wash with warm water, add an appropriate amount of food detergent according to the instructions, then rinse, and then dry with a dry sterilized towel.

3. When putting in the refrigerator, do not put the dental glue in the freezer, or it will damage the dental glue and hurt the gums and tooth development of the baby.

4. Clean gums should be placed in clean containers, preferably sterilized ones.

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