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Teething is one of the uncomfortable stages for your baby. As your baby seeks sweet relief from a new toothache, they'll want to soothe irritated gums by biting and gnawing. Babies can also be easily anxious and irritable. Teething toys are a good and safe option.

That's why Melikey has been working on designing a variety of safe and funny baby teethers. Considering the safety of your baby first, the quality requirements of our baby products are very strict and guaranteed.


Teething Toys and Safety

In addition to the safety of baby teether products, there are many bad practices that should not be used.


Check your baby teethers often

Always check the surface of your baby's gutta-percha for tears and throw them away if found. Broken gutta-percha can be a choking hazard.


Calm down and don't freeze

For teething babies, cold gutta-percha can be very refreshing. But experts agree that you should refrigerate gums instead of freezing them. This is because when frozen, the gutta-percha can be too hard and eventually damage your child's gums. It can also damage the durability of the toy.


Avoid Teething Jewelry

Although these jewelry are fashionable. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends avoiding them because small beads and accessories on toothy necklaces, anklets, or bracelets can be a choking hazard.


Frequently asked questions


When should babies use teether?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies typically start teething between 4 and 7 months old. But most gutta-perchas are safe for babies as young as 3 months.


Can I give teether to my 3 month old baby?

Be sure to check the age recommendations on the product packaging as some teethers are not recommended until your baby is 6 months and older. However, there are many designs that are safe for babies 3 months and older.

If your baby starts showing signs of teething this early, it's perfectly safe to give them an age-appropriate teether.


How long should a baby use teething teether?

Teeth can be used as long as they help ease your baby's discomfort. Some people prefer to use teethers only when baby has the first set of teeth, but grinding (usually after 12 months) can also be painful, in which case you can continue to use it throughout the teething process teether.


How often should you clean your teether?

Since teether gets into your baby's mouth, it's important to regularly clean your baby's teether as often as possible, at least once a day or every time you use them, to get rid of germs. If they are visibly dirty, they should also be cleaned.

For convenience, Melikey has baby teethers that are easy to clean, such as silicone teethers that can be thrown in the dishwasher.


Best baby teethers company 


Melikey baby teether is easy to clean and durable enough to make life easier with teether that lasts through your baby's entire first teeth eruption and keeps them engaged. High quality baby teether, mass production, factory direct sales, favorable price, professional service.

Melikey supports custom baby teether and has an excellent R&D team who can provide you with the most professional product advice.


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