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Baby Silicone Dinnerware: Safe, Stylish, Durable,Practical


When questions arise about the safety of everyday items you use to feed and raise your children (products you may have used for years), you may feel a little uneasy.

So why do so many smart parents replace baby dinnerware for their children? What do they know that you don't?

Let's take a closer look.



First, food grade silicone is non-toxic, which means it is free of BPA, lead, latex, PVC, and phthalates. Unlike plastic, it doesn't leach any chemicals that would contaminate the food they come in contact with. So we know it's safe for our kids.



It is also a highly durable material, so it can withstand very low and very high temperatures without cracking, becoming brittle, or deforming in any way. You only need to buy silicone products once, and they'll be there for you whenever you need them. Once their usefulness is over, you can rest assured that they will break down gently in nature without adding any stress to our troubled planet.



Silicone is odorless, hypoallergenic and stain resistant, which means it is free of harmful bacteria and easy to clean.Keep silicone baby dinnerware hygienic by simply wiping and rinsing with warm soapy water.

If you're looking for sturdy bowls and plates for your child, you might want to consider one that will survive a tantrum, but probably doesn't have to, as baby silicone cutlery with a strong suction cup can Adhere securely to a table or high chair. Best silicone bowl for baby.



Having clearly stated the important health facts, we would like to highlight another benefit, which is not a "need", but a "want" for sure.

Silicone dinnerware is rich in colors and shapes, making it easier to attract your baby and make feeding more fun.


Make An Informed Decision

Using organic, recyclable and biodegradable products that are free of pesticides and chemicals is a responsible decision. If you want a greener and safer alternative to plastic, silicone is the go-to for baby products

We'd love to introduce you to our amazing range of silicone baby dinnerware and answer any questions you may have about these versatile products.


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