Silicone teether is a powerful tool to solve the problem of baby grinding teeth

Babies over 6 months old have a characteristic that they like to bite things, and they will bite whatever they see. The reason is that at this stage, babies will feel itchy and uncomfortable, so they always want to bite something to relieve the discomfort.In addition, this is also the first stage of personality development, when the baby gnaws to explore and understand the world in which he lives, and at the same time promotes eye and hand coordination.

Although these symptoms of teething discomfort will gradually disappear with the growth of baby teeth, the baby will always bring a lot of risks, such as eating a lot of bacteria into the stomach, causing diarrhea and other infectious diseases.Or bite the object too hard, sharp edges and corners, it will stab the baby, causing bleeding, etc., so there must be a lot of parents feel headache about this.

Silicone teether is a powerful tool to solve the problem of baby grinding teeth.

Teether is also known as molar, solid tooth, most is made from safe non-toxic silica gel material (that is, making the pacifier), also has the part is made of soft plastic, with fruit shape, animal, the pacifier, cartoon characters, such as a variety of design, some molar stick with milk or fruit fragrance, is mainly in order to attract the baby, let the baby likes.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that gum is for grinding teeth.Because we are human teeth is different from rodents, like the teeth of the rodents mice is life constantly to grow, if not grind, is will be more and more long, eventually leading to unable to eat and starved to death, human teeth out to stop growing, so the baby teeth itch, is actually a baby teeth will drill the gums, cause gums itch, grinding is also nature refers to the gums.

Here's a tip for moms: before using dental glue, put it in the fridge and freeze it for a while before taking it out for your baby to bite.Ice cold gum is especially suitable for use in hot weather. It not only massages the gums, but also reduces swelling and astringency on swollen gums.It is important to note, however, that when chilled, silicone teether are stored in a crisper, not a freezer.Lest frostbite baby, also frostbite cracked gum.

Post time: Aug-17-2019
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