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A baby bib is a piece of clothing worn by a newborn or toddler that your child wears from the neck down and covers the chest to protect their delicate skin from food, spit up and drool. Every baby needs to wear a bib at some point.

Babies are not only cute, but messy too! Comes with a baby bib to help prevent breast or formula from falling off your child's clothing during feedings and help absorb the inevitable spit-up that follows to maintain cleanliness standards.

A good quality bib should be absorbent, fit your baby comfortably (without straining the neck) and be able to stand up to frequent washing. Melikey Baby Bibs will help take the stress out of changing clothes.


Types of bibs

Babies need bibs because they're a sure-fire and easy way to keep all spills and splatters out of their clothes. Look for soft, 100% organic, cruelty-free materials and adjustable bibs because your newborn will grow beautifully first.

Baby bib styles have evolved over the years. It's no longer the standard bib, a circular piece of cloth that wraps around the neck and snaps off at the back, or a towel-like garment.

More varieties have hit store shelves. But before you buy, you need to consider what material you want, one that can be machine washed or wipe clean. Consider other features, such as whether it has extra snaps or food catchers and the size of the bib.


Here's a list of everything you need to know about the different types of bibs:


Newborn bib

In general, newborns tend to wear them while breastfeeding and when they spit up during feedings.

These bibs are extra small and specially designed for baby's small neck, preventing that nasty rash from developing on your baby's neck before he even raises his head. These bibs are perfect for babies up to 6 months because they are more absorbent and easy to put on and take off so they are simple and durable.


Drool bib

These are designed to dry up drool and drips and are the perfect size to use while breastfeeding or nursing. They are also suitable for teething young children, as they tend to drool a lot.

This is a comfortable, lightweight bib that helps keep your baby's cloths from getting wet and potentially irritating the underlying skin.


Feeding bib

When you find yourself looking for feeding bibs, your little one has been introduced to solid food and it's a whole new mess! The top of the feeding bib looks like a traditional bib, but has a pocket on the bottom to hold liquid and solid food.

Suitable for both hard and soft foods, these bibs are a simple yet creative way to keep your kids and your kitchen floor clean. They are made of plastic, rubber or silicone and are easy to clean.


Overalls bib

These are also called "long-sleeve bibs" because they fit like a shirt that tends to drop to the knees. They're a great choice for messy eaters because they provide full coverage and are perfect for protecting fancy dresses and pretty white baby clothes.

They're waterproof and have a wipe-clean bib sleeve, which will be a lifesaver if you're eating out. While they're a bit bulky, they're open on the back so you can roll up food scraps without spilling.


Disposable bib

Disposable baby bibs are not suitable for everyday use because they are not practical. But they come in handy when traveling and family gatherings. No matter where you are, these bibs will keep your baby clean during feedings.

They're made from soft, absorbent material and have a water-resistant backing for extra protection. They also feature self-adhesive tabs on the back of the bib for easy installation and adjustment.


As you now know, there are many benefits to using baby bibs. With a wide variety of bibs, you're sure to find something that suits your style or everyday needs. Melikey wholesale baby bibs, we have the best baby bibs. We've also included the perfect baby dinnerware set for baby's introduction to solid foods to make feeding more fun. More baby products wholesale in Melikey. 

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