How to relieve the baby’s long toothache?

1. How to relieve toothache during long teeth

1.1, cold-applied gums

Use a cold towel on the toothache’s face to relieve pain.

1.2. Massage gums

After washing your fingers or gently massage your gums with a special massage gum, it can temporarily relieve pain.

Mother can wear a finger cot or use a moist gauze towel to help the baby massage the gums, or you can use the silicone teether gel to chill after the baby.

In addition to helping the baby to relieve the discomfort of the teeth, it can also promote the eruption of the deciduous teeth.

1.3, chew

Chewing can effectively relieve the pain caused by teething, and the continuous movement of the jaw can effectively reduce the pain.

1.4 prepare frozen soft foods

If your baby doesn’t want to eat and has no appetite, prepare soft frozen foods for him.Such as meat puree, fruit puree, etc.

1.5. Give appropriate “apparatus”

In the case of long teeth, the baby likes to bite hard things. In order to prevent the baby from being bitten, parents can prepare some solid teeth. When eating some hard food such as radish apples, be careful not to let the baby bite too much. Choked. Usually pay more attention to not let the baby take things that are easy to swallow, such as peanuts, coins and small toys.

2. What nutrition should be added for toothache during teething

Make sure your baby gets enough high-quality protein during the teething period, which plays an important role in the formation, development, calcification and budding of your baby’s teeth.

Formula milk, milk and dairy products all provide good quality protein. Meat, eggs, fish and legumes are also important sources of good quality protein.

Calcium is an important component of teeth, and if your baby lacks calcium, your teeth will not grow well, so wise mothers should pay attention to giving your baby more calcium-rich foods, such as bone soup, fish pine, kelp, laver, shrimp and so on.

Phosphorus also plays a vital role in making baby teeth harder and stronger.Phosphorus is found in many foods. Meat, fish, dairy products, beans, grains, and vegetables should all be eaten together.

Fluoride is an important trace element in enamel formation. Drinking water is the main channel to obtain fluorine. Foods containing fluorine are mainly seafood, soybeans, eggs, beef, spinach and so on.

Finally is to let the baby absorb enough vitamins, to often give the baby to eat a variety of fruits, fresh vegetables, but also let the baby have enough outdoor activities, more sun exposure.

3. How to buy teether toy for your baby during the long tooth period

It is best to buy at a well-known baby products store when you buy. Or buy a brand of teether silicone, to ensure the safety of quality. It is best to prepare a few more silicone baby teether for easy replacement. Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after use.

Teether is also a baby’s toy. In terms of color, shape and other aspects, it should be suitable for the baby to play, and the gutta-percha is more interesting, such as silicone Ice cream teether, silicone unicorn teether, to meet the psychological and physiological.

If it is a silicone gel, it needs to be disinfected frequently.

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Depending on the sanitation, the sanitary conditions are not very good. It is recommended to use a drop-proof silicone teething necklace to prevent the baby from throwing the teether on the ground and then pick it up.

Post time: Aug-14-2019
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