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Melikey Silicone is an ISO9001, BSCI certificated silicone plate manufacturer, baby plates supplier, we specialize in wholesale baby silicone plates. We aim to offer the most healthy,environmental, convenient and stylish silicone baby plates in the world. 

Melikey Silicone custom silicone baby plate for baby feeding. best baby plates with suction, OEM and ODM are supported and welcome. Melikey Silicone has always been the China best bpa free silicone baby plate manufacturer.  

MOQ 50pcs at Wholesales Prices

Custom Branding on the Wholesale Silicone Plate

Fast Delivery at 15 days with One-Stop Shipping Solution

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Silicone Plate Factory

Melikey as the leading silicone baby plate factory, wholesale silicone baby plates for 10+years. We have rich experience in silicone baby plates wholesale. Our best kids plates are designed to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for both parents and babies alike.


BPA Free Silicone Baby Plate Supplier

Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, our silicone weaning plate is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and independent lab tested for safety.


Wholesale Baby Feeding Suction Plate

The soft and flexible material makes it easy for little hands to grip and prevents messy spills with its built-in suction feature. The silicone suction baby plate holds firmly in place on flat surfaces so that your child can focus on enjoying their food.


Wholesale Silicone Divided Baby Plate

Our baby silicone plate set comes with three/four different compartments, making it ideal for serving a balanced and healthy meal. The non-toxic properties of silicone also ensure that the dishes won't leach harmful chemicals into the food.


Easy To Clean Silicone Baby Dishes 

Our silicone baby dishes are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, making mealtime a breeze. The plates are also durable and can withstand frequent use, making them perfect for daily use.


Best Plate For Toddler

Our baby plates silicone are suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages, and the colorful designs are sure to capture their attention. They come in a variety of fun and playful styles to suit your child's preferences, making them a great gift for birthdays or baby showers.


Kids Silicone Plate Features


  • *Designed for babies and toddlers
  • *100% silicone material
  • *Suction base to prevent plate from sliding or tipping over
  • *Divided sections to separate food items
  • *BPA-free and non-toxic
  • *Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • *Microwave and oven safe for convenient heating of food
  • *Durable and long-lasting material for repeated use
  • *Comes in a variety of colors and fun designs to appeal to children


Washing Instructions: Wash with hot soapy water in the sink, or on the top rack in the dishwasher.

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Silicone Non Divider Plate

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Customized silicone plate shape and size

You can customize the size and shape of the kids silicone plate (with suction cups, etc., round, square, rectangular, oval, special shape, etc.)

Customized silicone plate color


You can customize the color of your baby plate based on the Pantone color card or the common colors we use. If you need, we can also make two-color and marble-colored silicone plates for toddlers

Melikey: A Leading Silicone Baby Feeding Plate Manufacturer In China

silk printing

Silk Screen

If your logo and pattern are solid color, you can put your pattern or logo on the silicone baby plate by screen printing. Screens and clamps are required.

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer

When your logo and pattern are multi-color, mixed color, faded, camouflage, carbon fiber, wood grain color, you can choose heat transfer printing for your silicon kids plates. Printing film and jigs are required.

Where can I find silicone plate manufacturers? Melikey Silicone is one of the most professional Chinese silicone plate wholesale manufacturers, we started to custom silicone plates for kids.

Direct From Factory

We have our own factory which allows us to greatly simplify the process to save time and money. We pass these savings on to our customers. Having our own factory also enables us to provide an easy way to order, so you can save time and effort throughout the ordering process.

We have special custom toddler silicone plate in wholesale stock. Our stocked silicone dinner plates are ready to go, just customize with your branding message. When you need a large number of wholesale custom logo silicon plates, our sales staff will contact you. This allows for a greater degree of customization and also helps lower the price per piece. Thus, you can get low wholesale prices for completely unique custom silicone plate baby design.

Custom Advantages

1. Melikey Design For You

We have a great team for R&D

We have had expereiences in OEM and ODM for 10 years

We won many design honors and awards


2. Mold Workshop

2 CNC machines, 10 mould-making machines


3. Meet Any Customized Needs

Whether it is customized LOGO, product, packaging. Whether you have a good idea or not, we will do everything to meet your needs. From design to production, to delivery and after-sales, we are at your service.


Custom silicone plate pattern and logo

You can customize the silicone baby plate pattern according to the pattern, color and area:

Custom Silicone Plates With Logo

Custom wholesale silicone plates are BPA Free, soft material. Our silicone kids plates  have strong suction, they are not easy to overturn, convenient for babies to eat. When branded with a logo, these custom logo silicone plates can help you grow your brand visibilit. Established baby plate brands often hand out custom logo baby plates with the purchase of silicone toddler plates to generate brand awareness. These wholesale personalised silicone plates, in return, constantly remind the consumer of the brand products..


How to Customize Wholesale Silicone Plates?

In an era of increasing personalization, personalised baby plates are favored by consumers in the market.  it is very important to find a professional manufacturer from china siliocne baby plate manufacturers.

The following is a brief introduction to the customization process of silicone plates. 

1. Idea: Brand customers tell us their idea or show us any photo about what they want to make.

2. Drawing: We willl according to their request to make 2D drawing to let them confirm the size.

3. 3D: Then we will make 3D drawing.

4. Sample: Finally we will send the sample to brand customers.

5. Mold: Mold lead time

6. Proto-type: Confirm the structure and the function.

Silicone plate manufacturing process

Melikey childrens silicone plates go through several steps in the manufacturing process:


Mixing: Mixing silicone materials with catalysts to activate cross-linking.

Shaping: Pour material into molds of designed shapes and sizes.

Heating and Curing: The mold cures the silicone material at high temperatures to ensure durability.

Trimming and Inspection: Remove the board from the mold and trim excess material. Check for defects.

Printing and Packaging: If required, logos, labels or designs can be printed before packaging and shipping.


Melikey utilizes modern facilities and skilled employees to manufacture high-quality silicone plates that meet customer needs. We have strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

custom silicone plate

Why Do You Choose Melikey?

One-Stop Wholesaler

Melikey provides wholesale silicone tableware with various functions, from baby bibs, baby bowls, baby plates to baby cups, etc. This means you can find all the dinnerware you need here.

Top manufacturer

Milleck designs and produces according to customer requirements, and provides OEM/ODM customized services.

Comprehensive Certificate

Our products have passed FDA, SGS, COC and other quality inspections, and provide more professional certificates to customers around the world.

Our Certificates

As a professional silicone baby feeding plate manufacturer, our factory have passed ISO, BSCI, CE, LFGB, FDA certificates.


Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews-Melikey

silicone baby plate

Our silicone baby plates are designed with little appetites and active eaters in mind! Our toddler silicone plate is made from 100% food grade silicone and features a wide suction base that adheres securely to flat surfaces. Best suction plate for baby is difficult to throw away or tip over. If they do fall, they are unbreakable! The suction cups stick to almost any surface such as plastic, glass, metal, stone and sealed wooden surfaces. Make sure the surface is non-porous and clean and free of debris, food or dirt. They're lightweight and easy to clean, making them perfect for use at home or on the go.


Are silicone baby plates safe in the microwave?

Our silicone baby plates are also less messy for parents and caregivers.

Like other silicone baby dinnerware in our silicone infant feeding line, our silicone baby dishes are freezer, microwave and oven safe (up to 440°F). You can heat up food (or even bake it!) and serve it directly to your kids without having to prepare a ton of extra dishes for yourself. Be sure to check that silicone kids plates and food are cool enough for your baby to eat.


Are silicone panels safe for babies?

FDA-approved, non-toxic, food-grade silicone contains no chemical by-products and is extremely safe. Silicone is a soft and stretchy material that is a convenient alternative to plastic. The silicone childrens plates won't break into several pieces when dropped, making them safe for your baby.

Not sure where to start with the first food on your plate? There are no hard and fast rules. Babies reach developmental milestones at different times. But when they're ready, remember that messing is part of baby feeding on their own. Using their hands to touch, spread and spread food helps their sensory development, builds fine motor skills and gives them the freedom to explore and identify new textures, flavors and food combinations. However, placing food directly on the high chair tray will most likely cause them to slide it from side to side (think windshield wipers :) and most of the food will end up on them or the floor . Start babies with a boundary—such as a plate or bowl with high sides—so they can scoop up new foods against the edge of the plate. A deep silicone kids plate also helps keep the sauce and food like peas!

Related Articles

1.Are silicone baby plates safe?

Silicone baby plates are completely made of 100% FDA, BPA-free and LFGB-certified silicone, which is safe for babies and has no plastic smell. And MICROWAVE & DISHASHER & OVEN & FREEZER safe.


2.Are silicone plates microwave safe

silicone toddler plate does not contain petroleum-based chemicals, BPA, BPS or fillers. Silicone dinner plate is safe to store food in the microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher.

3. Can you microwave silicone plates ?

silicone kids plates can withstand extremely high heat and is very suitable for use in a microwave or oven.

4. What are the best plates for babies ?

In order to determine the best plates for babies, each product has been side-by-side comparison and hands-on testing to evaluate materials, ease of cleaning, suction power, and more.

5. Are baby plates necessary ?

  Want to promote self-feeding for babies, but don't like cleaning up huge mess? How to make feeding time the happiest part of your baby's day? Baby plates help your baby feed easily. 

6.How to sanitize silicone dishes ?

Silicone dishes should look easy to clean, but it is difficult to get rid of those oily residues. Soaking silicone plates for toddlers in very hot water can easily remove some stains.

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